Wednesday, April 01, 2009

He's no FOOL - He's my Brother!


Here I am awishin'

To a guy who loves his fishin'

A very special kinda celebratory day today,

May your year be filled with trolling,

And fishing, NOT lawn-bowling,

Cause you're not THAT old, hay?

I wish you all your own teeth,

And all the parts that live 'neath,

That brain thats still as smart as a whip,

May your casting arm remain supple,

You and Neti fish as a couple,

And life be one everlasting fishing trip!

May you ever seek the BIG ONE,

May your fishing always BE FUN,

May you always find some time TO PLAY,

May you're lure's always STAY ON,

On your door a sign that says "FISHIN' - GONE!"

And may the BIG ONE not always GET AWAY!

Happy Birthday to my BIGGEST (speaking age wise, haha) brother. You have to settle for this hastily scrawled poem Bro, for the online card I was building 'GOT AWAY'... it really was the nicest card... I lost over 1 hour of work but ah well. Wishing you the best year of your life. We know Neti will spoil you rotten!


This is a card I made for Dave, using Kristin CB's Man About the House Kit. You can find Kristin's kits by clicking HERE.

There are more tributes to Dave can be found at my sister Nina's blog and at my Sister in Law Judy's blog too! What a talented family I am blessed with!


  1. Happy Birthday, Dave! What a cute poem and lovely card - you're so talented!

  2. Hope your brother has a great birthday! And I hope you have a great Wednesday my friend!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave!!! :) i hope you have the BEST day ever!
    Big CONGRATS on your newest award!
    Thank you for the SWEET ducks too! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


    Good morning Barb:)
    Love the card you made!!! Soo cool!:)So was the poem!! Bet he loves it too!
    Enjoy your day!! Thanks for stopping by.:)


  5. Happy Birthday to DAve! Looks like a man my hubby would get along with. (meaning he likes fishing, just as much)
    Nice card too!

  6. Happy Birthday there young man , the card you made him bad he had to do a graveyard tonight ...but I know will spoil him tomorrow and all weekend long


  7. Hi Mrs Miles!! Happy Happy to your brother! Wish I had a way with words like you do - stunning poem and card!
    Hope he spoils you as much as you spoil him!
    have a wonderful day

  8. Happy Birthday Dave!

    The card is lovely, and a great poem too.

    Bard hope all is well and you are staying warm, boy what odd weather we are having...

    Take care...Lucy


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