Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Thank GOODNESS for my husband! I made me a new look for my bloggie but for the LIFE of me could not get it to work. Once again he saved my bacon. I will have to spoil him rotten - which I do everyday I hope, but more intensely, no? Don't ask me how he did it 'cause I don't know. Just like how they get the caramel in the caramilk bar, I'm content to let it remain a happy mystery.

So... stick around, there might be some bubbles happening here for a giveaway, just like the ones in my new look!


  1. Oh my gosh.. how cute does your blog look.. love it. What a sweet man you are married to. Hugs.. Joy

  2. Love it :)

    Miles to the rescue! What a useful man you married.

  3. What a very pretty looking blog, all soft and sweet ready for the summer :)

  4. Very pretty Barbs...even if it is pastels!!! ROFL!! Nicely done Miles!! :)

  5. Your new look is very soft and sweet - hope your CFT was good for you. Welcome back,


  6. Love the new look! It's just so soft and sweet. Nice! Welcome back!

  7. A lovely fresh new look.

    I thought you might be up to something... A week away from the computer huh...

    Bubbles are fun we just bought new bubble makers for the girls.

    Looks like we have a beauty of a day started, Enjoy your day, glad you are back. HUGZ!

  8. Lovely! You are so talented! I was just going to write and see if how your were doing today, then I noticed your update in my reader.
    Have been praying for you! I hope you are having a good week!

  9. Very springy ... you've returned to computer life again I see.

  10. love the new look ...thank goodness Miles was there ...great job Barb

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of your blog-soft, and springy!
    toooo pretty Barb!
    And GO MILES!!



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