Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm posting the last graphics challenge I did, another ATC (Artist Trading Card) This is Mikey roaring like a wild animal, so I simply helped him out with some fur around his face.

So, have you been faithfully checking back to see what the TOP SECRET things were? Well, I can give you the goods now. A few weeks ago while I was picking up some small items at our local dollar store I saw they had some HUGE four foot helium "I love you" balloons, so I paid for them right there and then. On Valentines I went to the store and purchased a chocolate bar and a candle shaped like kissing lips and tied them to one of the balloons and took it to Miles at his school. He was embarassed and happy about that! The students loved it too. The other balloon I took home to add to our display.

Miles came home at noon to take me out to lunch. At that time while he was in another room, the doorbell rang, and it was a reporter from our local newspaper. She took a picture of us with our display to be published next week. Miles was kinda shy about this, because he will also be in the Oliver paper this week for his work with the gifted students he teaches there.

While we were out to lunch at a sweet little sidestreet restaurant, I confessed to him that I was going to have a LONG, LONG nap as I had not been able to sleep the two nights before, due to the excitement of making plans. He grinned when I said this, but did not say anything at this time. Then when we got home he gave me a gift and some news. The gift was a professional print of a painting I had created of our wedding. The news was that he took the afternoon off to be with me. How sad...I had to nap away one hour of our precious time. He also rented a movie too, and we spent a quiet afternoon together. This was very special because he had to work in the evening.

I also got another gift on Valentines, that entirely touched my heart. My friend Sonya from California - fellow scrapbooker, bought me a paid subscription for Scrapbook-bytes. I near cried on my graphics tablet.

This morning I cleaned my office area up...shoosh, it needed it pretttyyy bad...but I did not have to do it alone. My sweet friend Alison got to looking for a paper at her household too...and in the process started a spring cleaning noon we had things really going. I had to do errands downtown, but she worked all day. She may still be at it for all we know.

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