Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've had a lot of fun making this painting, using ArtRage. This will be printed out on a 16 x 20 canvas and I will add to it to enhance. I'm so impressed with the power of ArtRage - if you have an artist inside you, waiting to get out, then you would love to go to and download the free version and paint your own masterpiece today. Now, if you are to do this, and become addicted to the dreamy, creamy oils in ArtRage, then you simply have to have a wacom tablet - because who wants to paint with a mouse? This would be like trying to wash your hair with mittens on! A wacom is a graphics tablet and pen. You can check one of these babies out at All you need to get started is the 4 x 5. Once you 'paint' with a pen and tablet you may retire your mouse forever. I've heard tell too that the pen is much easier on those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel. Besides getting the pen and tablet, you recieve a bundle of software, which purchased alone would be about the same price as with the tablet - about $100.

Today is biograhpy day. Miles and I need to have our biographies prepared for the upcoming show at our local art gallery. The show is called "A Few of Our Favorite Things" We will submit two items. One is a marriage of our talents, Miles photography and my acrylic painting enhancing the scene. My painting is called "A Nice Hot Cuppa" and when the show is over I will upload here to share with you.

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  1. this is beautiful //love the cat ...awesome program the artrage


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