Thursday, February 09, 2006


First I'll give ya the good news - our friend Valerie is coming to visit today. Valerie used to live here in Osoyoos and we were close. Unfortunately Osoyoos does not have much to offer in the way of good employment so Valerie moved back to Quebec. Well, obviously it was only unfortunate for Valerie has since found a wonderful Man and has had three beautiful children. Uh, does not seem like she is suffering from her choice in any way.

The bad news? Its just sort of a rant on my part. I experienced a severe 'hanger tangle' this a.m. You know - we've all had one...when we are in a hurry in the closet to hang something up, you grab a hanger from within a bunch and it in turn grabs the ones next to it and no matter how hard you try you cannot seperate the one you want. The furthest you will get will be to dislodge 1/2 dozen together and they wind up at your feet. Sheesh.

Would love you to leave a comment and tell me about your RANT! :)

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