Saturday, February 04, 2006


Sweet Husband of Mine
You have loved me through the years,
Laughed and cried and wiped my tears,
Held me through both good and bad,
Shared with me of all you have,
Stood by my side, day out and in,
Loved my heart, forgiven sin,
You love the person I call me,
With passion unconditionally,
I look forward as the years unfold,
To wear with pride your ring of gold,
And be with you and by your side,
To share with you in joy and pride,
Our marriage together - our precious treasure,
Each day special and a pleasure,
I find my happiness measured through you,
Has grown more since we said "I do"
Thank you my dear, sweet husband for always being there for me. For loving me as the "spoiled princess" that you have enabled me to be. I awake every day with a joy and excitement that is multiplied when I share it with you. I love you with a passion that cannot be expressed in words alone.
Except Thou build it, Father,The house is built in vain;Except Thou, Saviour, bless it,The joy will turn to pain;But none can break the marriageOf hearts in Thee made one,And the Love Thy Spirit hallowsIs endless love begun.

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