Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mojo 328 Challenge Card

It has been a while since I tackled a Mojo card, though I visit often to peek at the sketches. This week’s appealed to me straight off so here goes:

Mojo 328 Challenge:

It looks like the Design Team have created some beautiful and inspiring cards once again! 

And here is my personal take on this challenge:



Designer Paper - “Brioche” by Memorybox Inc

Plastic Packaging

Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

Sheer Ribbon

Watercolor Paper

Stamp - (“bloom” sentiment) “Roses” stamp by Hot Off the Press

Tombow Markers - 847, 098

Gelly Roll sparkle pen

Geranium Image - Graphics Fairy 

This card has so much texture and sparkle and all the while a subtleness.  I will unpackage the process for you a bit here. I wanted the designer paper to shine through on this card, because I think it really pulls the front image together with the background.  So, I chose to make the second layer from a piece of plastic packaging (yes, nothing goes to waste in my household if it could be re-purposed for crafting).  I ran the packaging through the Cuttlebug using an embossing folder to get a similar texture to the pattern on the base. 


I have been stumped in the past in trying to figure out how to affix a clear layer to a background because anything I chose would show through and that was unsightly.  But then it “came to me” just like that!  I thought “photo corners!”.  I did not have any so I thought there had to be a simple solution to make my own.  I did a simple Google and came up with a little tutorial on (where else?) Martha Stewart - you can find it HERE.  She makes hers with ribbon but I used a strip of cardstock.  Worked like a dream.  

I did use a thin strip of double-sided tape for the silver ribbon layer - its not so visible. 


I used this marigold image from Graphics Fairy - her images are just so pretty and crisp, perfect to print.  I use a 140lb watercolor paper and it makes it look professional when colored in.  I used my Tombow Markers, still getting used to them.  I absolutely love them, now that I’m being the boss of them instead of allowing myself to be intimidated. 

The final touch was adding a bit of glitz to the petals with a sparkle Gelly Roller pen.  It ties it in with the silvery layer.


Today’s 1 small thing is - SET THE SCENE


In your home… including the atmosphere!

Start the day on the wrong side out,

Glum you’ll end it, there’s no doubt;

Smile at breakfast, there’s a chance

All the day your heart will dance.

If by day your spirit’s bright,

Chances are you’ll sleep tonight!

I like to create little “landscapes” in my decor. 

This is a tea-rose which was given to me a few years ago and I have nurtured it, indoors and out ever since.  (A minor miracle as I tend to kill all but the hardiest)  I have a collection of books which explore decor - many with the idea of bringing nature indoor if one can.  I thought this book, perched on the edge of the tea-rose and backed by the dark wall creates a peaceful feeling.  Though my house is far FAR from ‘stark’ - it is not cluttered either, my rule being most things I collect must be incorporated into the look of a room as a prop.  So many of my decorative items have sentimental meaning attached. 

Do YOU have a unique way to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home?

I hope you have a lovely week!


  1. love the card Barb you did an awesome job ...the colors the...the painted little flowers.
    Beautiful. thanks for sharing


  2. Stunning card Barb, I love textured plastic and the beautiful flowers.

  3. Beautiful!!! Love your re-purposing and love those corners! Great job on the sketch :)

  4. Good afternoon Barb:)
    I LOVE your card too.So PRETTY! I also LOVE the textured plastic. ( COOL idea! )

    I need more practice on coloring stamps. I haven't done it often enough to get good at it.KWIM? You evidently know what you are doing ..cause you make them look awesome!

    I have used photo corners often in my projects.Manufactured and also home made by me.:) They look great with Vellum and with plastics etc.:)

    Your landscape is Wonderful!! :) Love the way you pair items for display!

    Love and huge hugs!


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