Thursday, January 02, 2014

Family Challenge 8 & a FREE . Layered Flower cutting file for YOU!

I offered to create a new Family Challenge with my sister in law Judy and my sister Nina so they held me to it today.  I tossed out this theme - BUTTON!  Basically a card with anything goes but must contain a button. 

So, since I had an idea in my head I decided to make this a .studio cutting file too so that you might create your own card or project. 


This is a bit of an odd-sized card - I created it to fit inside of a #8 sized envelope (3 5/8 “ x 6 1/2”)  The card face I made is 3 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall - so you need to cut your inside cardstock to 7 inches wide, 6 1/2 inches tall and fold it in half on the 7 inch side.  If you’ve made cards before you will figure it out.  I’m also including the same card face cut for a standard quarter-fold card (4 1/4 inch wide by 5 1/2 inches tall)  Its just that I always pick up odd sized envelopes at thrifts, garage sales and I have 100 of the #8 and wanted to use some up.  I think its striking being tall with the flower too. 


Cutting file - Layered Flower by Barb Derksen

Basic cardstock (I used white, but trimmed and glued a piece of dark green behind the area where the flower cut out is.

Embossing folder - you don’t need one but I think it makes it nicer.

Designer Paper - your call, this is a great chance to use up scraps, by layering! 

Gel pen - I used silver and ‘free-handed’ the sentiment inside the leaf.


Button - I used a sweet little button made of seashell

Crochet cotton - something you can find at any thrift for like 50 cents a ball.




First, trim your basic cardstock to the size you want your card to be and fold. Next, cut out your card face and then you can choose to emboss it - or not.  Once you have done this you can select a foliage colored cardstock and stick it onto your card base where it will show through where the flower stem and leaf cut is.


Now, apply glue runner, or double sided tape, glue to the front of your card base and foliage colored cardstock, being careful to not apply either of these in the area where you see the stem or leaf cut opening.

Now, choose your designer paper and cut the flower layers out.  Once they are cut, take them and ball them up in your hand and squinch them around until they are soft, supple, crinkly and worn.  Layer them one atop each other, pick a button, crochet cotton and using a larger size needle (mine says its for candle wicking - another thrift buy) and then sew all the layers together, through the button, leaving lots of room at the beginning with which to tie a cute bow. 

Lastly, using a marker of a light or gel color, write in your sentiment - or you can leave this blank if you wish.  Voila!

I hope you enjoy this personal-use cutting file as well and make some beautiful things for someone you care about. If you enjoy my FREE files (which take a bit of time to put together, package etc) would you please consider any of the following: follow me, re-blog me, comment, PINterest me, Twitter, instagram or Facebook this post. Thanks so much!

Don’t forget to visit Nina and Judy’s blogs to see what they made using a “BUTTON” theme!




  1. Barbara I love your card,and thank you for the lovely cut file.I checked the other blogs and there cards are lovely also,I just wish Judy had an email signup as she some lovely cards.I signed up to Nina's blog the talent you three have is awesome.
    Blessings Jocelan

  2. Adorable cut file Sis, and such a cute card too. I love the paper you used for your flower it is so cheerful.


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