Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Snowflake - Two Cards, FREEBIE, An Honourable Mention, and a GIANT Rolling Pin!

Hello, anybody still out here?  If you’ve had  your nose pressed against my window you’d think I was an elf in a festive workshop because I’ve been working from sun up to sun down on crafts crafts CRAFTS! 

Let me clarify something - there has been no “sun up” and “sun down” because it has been dull, bluh, yuk outdoors.  I’m not complaining, every time I look out at YOU through the window I am grateful to be all cozied indoors with too much to do. 

And every hour I say,

Noting my step in bliss,

That I have known no day,

In all my life like this.

~ Robert Bridges

Before I go on I want to say THANKS to the  “Always Playing with Paper” blog gals who awarded me and Honourable Mention for my snowman card in a recent post which I entered into their Merry Monday Challenge.  I’ve placed my badge in my sidebar and wear it with pride!

And and AND I have to show you what I found at my favourite store, the thrift.  One can find the most unique and fun items there. 


Yes, the metal one.  It towers over my regular rolling pin.  I know I KNOW - its ridiculous big, must be a commercial item.  Its very lightweight and wieldy.  I carried it around the store six loops and could not let it go, even had it been just for conversation sake. 



I made my Mr a pie.  THIS pie in fact, a delicious concoction of lemon and butter and fresh apple-y goodness.  My Mr picked these gargantuan Granny Smith apples up special for it. 

Lastly, last bit of chatter here:



I’ve mentioned its brrrr… well. 

This poor lil critter was paralysed by the frigid clime and sat just outside the door looking at us EVERY time we came in from outside. I felt sorry for it.  Now that’s normal.  I tend to think of it as a female nurture thing.  But then, my Mr and I were talking about it and he said he felt sorry for the fly.  So it’s our pet, for as long as it can survive.  Have YOU ever had a strange pet?

Some of my projects are going to remain top-secret for now - I’m shy and also want to see what works and does not.  My first sale will be held Saturday, November 24th at CASI (senior’s center) 17 Park Place here in Osoyoos.  The sale will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and I hope to see you there!  There will be crafts, baking, art, jewellery and good food!  Call 250-495-6925 if you need more info!

At any rate, I made a couple of cards recently using just one cut file of a snowflake.  Here are the two different versions:



can you see the SPARKLE paper under here?


I used some elegant patterned designer paper under this one. Basically I created the file to be a “face” for the card with the snowflake shape punched out.  Very simple!  I embossed the cut after to have a pebbly, hopefully suggestive of snow, appearance.

So, after this I was left with the positive shape of the snowflake so I made another design using it, too!



Shhh don’t tell, this tinsel was something left over from a pretty Easter basket our daughter gave us.  I could never throw it away, glad I did not now. 

I used  a random Designer paper and once again used the embossing folder.  I used glue dots to hold this snowflake in place nicely.  I said BEHAVE snowflake!

So here are the files for you to download and cut for your own pretty cards:


Personal Use


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  1. Love your snowflake and cards. Isn't it fun to be able to use both the positive and negative of your shape? I prefer the blue one to the other one, though. Before reading your post I thought the baubles in your last card were separate elements. Love how that one came together, including the tinsel. I have a recycle box where I keep all kinds of stuff I want to reuse on my cards, including ribbons, buttons, lace from a doll's dress someone wanted to throw away...
    Thanks for the file. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Barb, what a heart you have. I must say; I would have felt bad for this little fly too. It's as though it was begging you not to let it freeze. I know, they don't have the best reputation but, they don't have too long of a life either so a little strange pet you will have out of your love for nature. I love it!

    I think you are wonderful! Oh, not that I'm off topic. I need to get back Your snowflake card is so wonderful with all of the colors and textures you've given to it. It is something for almost all of the senses to enjoy. Thank you for sharing all that you share. xxx -Debbie

  3. Barb, Thank you again for the lovely file and the inspiration...and I think your pet will be well loved for the duration...maybe he/she will inspire a masterpiece from you lol love debby xx

  4. Now that is some rolling pin! Does it roll the crust thinner faster? Ha!
    A pet fly ... I don't know about that! Those buzzards drive me crazy in the summer with their bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzzing.
    Cute cards. Look forward to seeing your craftiness. Too bad I can't make it to the show.
    Last Bible study this Wednesday.

  5. What a lovely snowflake cards, thank for share the file.
    hugs Linda

  6. Fabby snowflake cards, Barb. The embossed background for the 'cut out' flake looks great too.
    Tine (Addie24)

  7. Good evening Barb:)
    I can just see Crocodile Dundee with your rolling pin.."That's not a rolling pin"..."THIS is a ROLLING PIN!!!" hehe It will be perfect for your pizza dough.:)
    CONGRATULATIONS on your COOL award!! :)
    Well..Jim and I don't have a strange pet...but we do have a saying when a fly keeps coming around. One time Jim named it GEORGE.LOL Now whenever a fly is around ...anywhere we go..We have a joke that it is "GEORGE" and he followed us.Jim even says "Hey George"LOL Too funny!:)He's even got the rest of us saying it.I have to be there to appreciate it.LOL
    I hope your sale on the 24th is a terrific success!! So sorry I won't be able to make it..but I will be rooting for you!!:)
    I LOVE your cards and it is soo COOL that you used and showed us both kinds of cutout designs.:)
    What a GREAT idea to reuse your Easter tinsel. I won't tell your daughter where it is from..but I am sure she knows you well enough to figure it out.LOL

    Love and Hugs!

  8. OOPS..forgot to thank you for sharing your COOL snowflake!! LOVE IT!

  9. Beautiful cards and I love your rolling pin! Not so sure about your pet though, just don't bring him with you when you visit and it will be OK :)

  10. These are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  11. The rolling pin I get ....... the pet fly? Really? !!!!

  12. fabulous snowflake design. Thanks so much for sharing it!


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