Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Sister, Winner (signature sheet) and a FREEBIE!




Beautiful Patchwork of Autumn Orchards and Vineyards

Happy Birthday wishes go out to my sister Nina (Nov 6th in case its a miracle and I get to publish this a day early)  I ♥ you - you’re the whole reason I’m dreaming up all these creative things!  I hope you have a fan-tabulous (not AWESOME) day. I encourage you to jump over and visit Nina as her birthday is the reason I’m giving away a fun FREEBIE today! 

Congrats to Sandi who is the winner of a custom design for her own signature “stamps” which she can print and cut from her Silhouette software!  Please email me, Sandi and we can talk about the specifics.  Sorry it took me an extra week to draw names but I was healing up from oh - so - sore ribs (don’t feel sorry for me, horsing around with my Mr!)  and then it was also his birthday so…

I have been whipping up new ideas for the upcoming craft fairs - end of this month, beginning of the next and there are no holds barred!  I’m working primarily with paper and fabric for my projects and today I’m going to share my paper earrings and also give the pattern away AND the backing card.  I think many of you will REALLY appreciate the backing card for gifts this Christmas!  I will be making more backings, ones which can accommodate necklaces and I will post these as well, when I’m done.

I Paper-Earrings1_Barb-Derksen

Paper Earrings

I bought a few “cards” of stud earrings recently on sale and I’d set them aside thinking they might come in handy for a project.  It hit me yesterday - Paper Earrings.  Granted these earrings are on the “fragile” side - there are ways I am going to experiment in the future with various shellacs or sprays, but for now they are more on the “wearable art” side and will be sold with a warning to handle gently. 


I basically chose a double sided paper to match the stud and then cut both the flowers and card with the same paper.  It works out beautifully that the paper and earrings complement each other.  I bet you’ll make some wonderful “jewels” too.

But the part I’m most of all excited about is making the actual card for them to be displayed on.  I eyeballed the original package they came on and then modified what I saw to fit how I’d like to display these.  I included three sets of earring holes and you can also loop a necklace through the “flaps” if you wish. I hope you have fun!


Jewellery Display Card

You’re free to use this file for ANYTHING just don’t redistribute it as your own please - I will put it in the FREE Studio files Tab for always and ever if you should need.  Please send folks here to download for themselves.

PS - thanks for all of you who’ve left me ♥ comments ♥ on my files


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  1. Hi Barbara, the jewelry card you designed and so generously shared will come in handy. Thank you for your time, work, and shares.

  2. Congrats (((Sandi)))!

    Barbara, I made sure to pop in to wish Nina a Happy Birthday. I let her know you sent me. She has some fabulous work to see over there. It was a gift to me to see all of her pretty creations. xxx- Debbie

  3. Thank you sis for BIG shout out birthday wishes :). You are just so creative, I think these will sell right away.

  4. wow love the earring idea ...way to go girl you are so talented. You will sell lots of them. Happy Birthday Nina ...I will stop by her blog. Love your picture so full of the fall colors. Hope to connect soon


  5. Left you some love on the download :D Also, popped in to say Happy Birthday to Nina. Thanks for letting us know!

    Love and blessings,

  6. Barb..I LOVE your colorful pic. How PRETTY it must be to live in your neck of the woods!!:)
    I also..LOVE your AWESOME earrings and backgrounds for them!! Thank you so much for sharing your cutting files with me.Can't wait to hear the results from your craft fairs!!:)I KNOW you have been busy using that very creative mind of yours!!



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