Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My very LATE Mojo Monday card

I had some very welcome time off during my Mr's spring break from the school where he instructs (and I'm a student) and we packed up Seb (our VW Vanagon) and headed over to Vancouver Island to visit my sister Nina.  This was our first visit to her house in years and years and it was a wonderful time together and it went all too fast.  Oh what fun we had, mucking about in her her cozy crafting room and zooming around to the craft stores, eating too much, watching movies, walking and all the other sisterly things we do.  Of course it zipped by in a blink.  No photos, sorry - my sister is camera shy and I did not want to inflict my lens upon her and mar just being together.  Oh, and she's given me a blog award too, but I will get to that next blog post!

Then it was over to my inlaws for a few days and now home again.  Home sweet home, but lots of chores waiting and a never ending list of things to do. 

Because there were some items on the to do list that HAD to be accomplished I'm behind on my mojo but managed to finally get it done.  Here is this week's sketch:

And here's my take on it:

supplies: I'm not sure of the company names for the chipboard figurines, nor the flowers nor the cardstock but I can tell you the "baby girl" stamp and the pin stamp on the ribbon (I copied that idea from my neice Samantha) are both from the Fiskars "Sweet Pea" stamp set.  I embossed the "baby girl" stamp using some Liquid Glass embossing powder I bought at Stampers when I visited my Sister.  

I was SO happy that a friend had a baby recently and so I was able to finally make a pretty baby card, something I've been dying to do for a while.  

Now I know there are some other very busy "Mojo-ers" out there including Nina, Judy, Samantha and in particular Valinda who has been going CRAZY making paper flowers ever since I showed her how to find tutorials on making them.  She has surpassed me by far and has made a real garden of them. 

On another note, I was in Penticton on Monday with my Mr. and we stopped at our favorite sweet tooth stop in the world... Accent Chocolates.  We've tasted a lot of chocolate and while some places come close in the "looking good" category, nothing compares to the taste of AC's chocolate. 

Our favorite bon-bons

Honest to goodness these are the most amazing tasting truffles - they taste like a silky warm creamsicle.
I had taken a photo of the monster huge chocolate bunny (5 lb and $250)  but confess I deleted it off the camera by accident.  But this giant egg comes close, in weight, not sure of price:

And these are a couple of their other smaller, hollow eggs:

Are'nt they just beautiful - chocolate art!

I also want to mention that I've just updated the blog for my church (Osoyoos Christian Centre) and I've posted another fun FREE Scripture wallpaper for you to download!  Go to "The Gallery" tab and click, once there you can choose the perfect size for your desktop.  Send your friends to the blog and let me know if you would like to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you'll know when there's a new graphic.

Click the photo to be taken to the OCC Women's blog!


  1. Very pretty card sis, look at you go. The chocolate looks amazing :). Your visit was fabulous, I loved being able to show you all my favorite craft places.

  2. huirray she made it ...I kew you would....glad you had a great time with Nina...craft shopping so much fun. Love your Mojo card...another awesome job. Can't wait to chat and catch up. Hmmmm all that chocolate ...yummieeee. Have a great day.


  3. Good morning Barb:) have been a busy bee.:)I LOVE your card..HOW SWEET.LOVE the layered flower too!! Do I see embossing?...I LOVE embossing.:)I have the Fiskar's embossing templates.Takes a while (by hand) to do one..but it looks so COOL when done..don't you think?:)
    I am a chocoholic.I admit it.LOL and the orange cream bon bons..are just about making my mouth water...and are those decorated chocolate eggs suppose to be eaten? If would be very difficult to do since you would be destroying the art...but could take a pic and then eat them.LOL
    I need to take a trip to see what you have on your OCC Women's blog.I glanced at it on the iphone..but now that I am on the will be easier to see and read.:)
    Have a wonderful day my friend.Take it one project at a time and you will succeed in getting it all done in a stress free environment.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love,

  4. sounds like you had fun and i love your card & the photos, esp. the chocolates..YUM! did want to ask how you do those rolled flowers. i watched the video and need a machine to make that kind of cut, no? anyways, glad you're back, you were missed. :)

  5. Love the card it is beautiful and the chocolates are gorgeous.


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