Monday, March 14, 2011

Mojo Monday, Contest on JanMary's Blog, Free Kit from Shirley and a Delicious Recipe!

Mojo Monday rooooolllls around once again, sure as the sun rises and though I could not possibly see how I could afford the time... well - I'm addicted for sure. 

And my take:

All the supplies which went into this card are varied and various.  The pretty lace was a gift from Judy and most other items from Nina.  The one thing I DO know for certain is the shiny gold and purple paper in the mid of the rectangle and then repeated behind the circle element with the scalloped edge - are cut from a Purdy's chocolate box.  I loved the color and could not bear to toss them in the recycle.  Oh yes, the stamps are Fiskars "Just Between Friends" - I bought these and stored them inside a scrapbook album and only found them on the weekend, figured I'd better use them.  Lots of nice texture happening on the card.

Now, enough about me - I have a couple of things to share here.  My friend JanMary has a little contest going on.  JanMary is Irish and so this is an annual St. Patricks contest each year.  Why don't you see if some of the "luck of the Irish" will rub off on you! 

Click the link above to head over to Ireland and join in JanMary's celebration - send your friends!

And I'd also like to welcome my friend Shirley back to designing world.  Its been a difficult time for Shirley of late but she's overcoming and pushing aside all the "yick" that life is dishing up for her and she's even managed to work up a pretty FREE spring kit for all of us.  Big HUGS Shirley - Here's a preview -

Click HERE to be taken to Shirley's! 
(look down a few posts)

Shirley I had hoped to create a layout or two with your kit but fact is I simply won't have time (frowning) but thanks so much for it - its lovely!

Last but not least, my Mr. informed me there is a pot-luck luncheon at the school tomorrow so I put my thinker on about what to make (I'm under some deadlines)  Well, this will not be a hit with him at all for he despises "devil egg" type recipes (he says there is a good reason they call them "devil"  But I love them!  He's working hard to take of a few pounds so who should I be to tempt him?  Thus my new recipe.   I wanted to put my own twist on an old recipe so, after thinking about what flavours I'd like to marry together I came up with:

Barb's Mediterranean Stuffed Eggs

12 eggs - hard boiled
1 small tin canned salmon
5 tbsp mayo
2 tbsp green pesto
sprinkle oregano, basil, parsley
sundried tomatoes for garnish

Hard boil and cool the eggs.  Peel and slice in 1/2.  Place whites hole side up on platter.  Put yolks in a large dish.  Mash yolks with mayo, pesto and spices.  Drain salmon and pick through to remove any skin or bones.  Mash with yolks mixture.  Once its all fluffy, heap onto of egg white halves.  Garnish with strips of sundried tomatoes. 

Makes 24. 


  1. The card is wonderful sis, I see glitter and sparkles :). I could happily munch on one of those eggs too :).

  2. Oh Barb, if you are not THE busy one darlin'! I SO admire your ability to design and to make hybrid crafts to show the versatility of your work! Your cards are very inspiring and OH, SO lovely!

    I am definitely going to come back for a copy of your Mediterranean Stuffed Eggs. We LOVE salmon and pesto and I've yet to try the two together. Sounds DIVINELY delicious!

    I've been keeping an eye open for Shirley's kit debut and I, too, am up against some deadlines that are keeping me from blogging and blog-hopping as much as I'd like to! Time for this girl to get down to some serious business this year! LOL!

    I shall have to trot over to JanMary's ASAP as the kit I am working on is an update to my *Shimmerin' Shamrocks*. I am going to use this to scrap my research (digging) into our Irish roots. I would LOVE one day to visit Irleand, the land of green 'o plenty! He, he ...

    Have a GLORIOUS week my friend and I hope your eggs are a hit at the luncheon tomorrow! Mmmmmmm ... I know I'd be munching on one or two ... or ... :P


  3. Good morning Barb:)
    I can't believe you already made a card AND posted it!! That must have been one of the things on your deadline list.:)Such a COOL card too!! I made one..but I think I got the dimensions wrong.:( Oh well..they say if at first..etc.hehe
    I gotta go see Shirley again and collect her lovely kit. So happy she is back to blogging.I missed her!!
    LOVE your deviled eggs..and if I were there..I would be so happy Miles doesn't like them..cause that would leave more for me.LOL I LOVE salmon.I make Salmon Patties once in a while and now you have given me another idea.Thank you so much for the recipe.:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by again my friend.I LOVE your visits!!
    Enjoy your luncheon.Don't forget to take pics!!

    Huge hugs and Lots of love,

  4. Mmm, I love deviled eggs & your recipe, on a bed of cucumbers no less, sounds delicious!!

  5. Thanks for the mention/link.

    Hope all well with you :)

  6. mmmm...they look delicious! Thanks for sharing my friend!


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