Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Card, Thrift Shop Buys & Ladybug Update

I love how this simple card turned out.  I combined both digital and "hands-on" technique. 

Credits:  Word Art - TLC Creations
Botanicals Elements - Saxon Holt

I love Saxon's Botanicals elements.  They are digital elements - you can't see the little bits of "tape" at the top of each element becasue I covered them with pearls to match the pearls on the side of the card.  Saxon has a real gift for vintage items and you can find them here at the Scrapbook-Elements Store!

I have been busy going to school, designing like mad for Scrapbook-Elements and hanging out with the ladies from my church.  We have a close knit church family who love to get together.  Yesterday we were lavished on with a tea and fellowship at my friend Moira's.  Perhaps I'll post more on that soon... or post on our OCC Women's Blog.  I invite you to visit our women's blog if you are trying to get motivated to work out - I just posted about "getting fit".  I'd love your feedback.  I'm going to add to it next week, concentrating on the nutrition and food tracking side of things. 

Of course now and again I sneak into our local thrift store.  One of the projects I'm working on will be a designing project at Scrapbook-Elements and it will be in the theme of  Vintage/Fleamarket - right up my alley as I do a great deal of shopping there.  The ladies there are very used to me visiting with my camera in hand as its a fabulous place of inspiration.  I spent a good hour on a photo shoot there this week.  The ladies are so helpful.  I always draw curious stares though. 

Of course the danger is that I come home with something and this time was no exception.  I found these belts, THE hat (love it!) and these Gap jeans (very grateful as all my pants are drooping on me with my working out)  - all for a mere $6.  Wow!

Whenever I thrift shop I think of my friend Shirley.  Many of you know Shirley, she's been a long-time blogger and a thrift shopper extraordinaire.  Shirley has been a very very faithful blog visitor and encourager to me and many others in the past, though for the last year she has been without a computer to blog or visit ... good news?  Shirley is back blogging - why not visit her and make her feel welcome?   I love it when a "back-slidden blogger" comes back on board - its like a friend coming for tea when you have not seen them for a while.  Thats why I am also delighted to see my friend Becky back as well.  Won't you take a moment to pop in and see what's happening in her little corner of the world?

And an update on Lovey the ladybug.  For those of you who don't know about Lovey, she is a ladybug who decided to stay indoors and be our pet for the winter.  When I realized she was choosing to live indoors I did some research on how I might help her.  Whenever she decides to wander away from the little corner up by the roof where she spends most of her time, she will come and snack on the inside of a plump raisin.  Sometimes she'll flitter off to another room for a short time but always comes back to the kitchen.  Today I wondered if she might be thirsty and was wondering the best way to give her a drink because last attempt (putting her in a little dish with a puddle of water) I was afraid I might drown her.  So, as she was crawling up the side of a glass terrerium today, I flicked a handful of water drops at the glass.  She happily crawled around and hoovered up the drops. 

Hope you are having a wonderful week, but if not, it'll soon be over. 


  1. Yeah for Lovey :) Your card (what I can see of it-teaser) looks beautiful sis. Good job on the finds at the Thrift Store, what a great way to treat yourself after all that working out.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Thanks for stopping by and reminding me that I need to update my blog.LOL I know..I have been telling myself that I need to update my blog again...just no time at the present.
    We spent yesterday cleaning the garage and going to the dump.Today is take a load to the thrift stores and hopefully don't bring back as much as we took.LOL Looks like you got some great deals at the thrift store!!:)I would love to see a pic of you wearing them...the hat too!!:)
    Jim is on vacation this week and we are trying to catch up on a lot that has been needing to be done around the house.Feels good to accomplish those!!:)
    I LOVE your cards.So pretty and you always amaze me with what you come up with.:)So COOL!
    Gotta run now.LOTS to do and little time to do them.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love!

  3. oh Barb, thank YOU so very much for the mention and welcome back too!! i am still going thru my external hard drive and organizing it from the TWO years i was without my own computer! it has been a lifesaver but man, did i make sure i didn't want to lose anything! lol i have found gigs of duplicates and it's been taken me hours to go through! so that's where i have been! hehe
    i just love to read about Lovey and thought maybe the same way we water butterflies might help...we put rocks in a shallow dish of water. then they crawl on the wet rocks and drink safely with delight (yea, i see it in their flight! haha) the water drips sounds like it worked fine tho too! anyways, big HUGS to you and your Mister! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

  4. Hey! Love how u r taking care of her ladyship - even to flicking some water droplets her way.

    I head south tomorrow for a week or so. Feeling a bit stressed the last couple of days - feeling overwhelmed. Sigh.

    Ttfn ...

  5. PS thanks for the mention. I have 3 blogs on the go right now so they all get a turn off & on :)


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