Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Few Cards

Just a few cards I've been working on lately.  This is two versions of the same design. 

I made my own little tulle floret for this card - just cut circles out (two layers) and then poked the brad through the flower and then the tulle. 

The lace on this card is a bit of (failed, practice) tatting I attempted earlier.  Something I've not had time to do lately. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Yes, there has been an absence of tatting. "Hard to fit everything in" ... a favorite line of D's.

  2. Those are beautiful sis, you are so very talented :)

  3. love the cards Barb ...awesome job ..girl you are so talented. Love the colors ...way to go. Ok can I now get some lessons.

    love and miss you.

    chat real soon


  4. Your cards are beautiful! I wish I could do hybrid. And I love the tatting lace that you added. I think it makes the card look so elegant.


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