Monday, January 24, 2011

Multiple Mojos

Yes, once again I'm taking the Monday Mojo challenge - only it looks like I'm solo this time, don't see my Sister or my SIL ... YET.  I know they will come through if even a day or so later.

Now, I always figure if I have the supplies out to do one card then I may as do several.  Even though its a static template there are 100's of variations and interpretations on it.  Why, just look through the other linky cards at Mojo and you will see what I mean.  I wound up doing four cards.  I had a sheet of four Mary Engelbreit stickers which have been in the drawer for well over a year now so I decided instead of stamping that I would make myself incorporate them into my cards today. 

So here is the sketch - and following are my takes on it.

Supplies: Mary Engelbreit stickers
Various papers
Versamark Embossing Stamp
Embossing glitter

Supplies: Mary Engelbreit sticker
Various papers

Ok, I know you are wondering what the pretty, glittery looking tulle around the sticker is?  Believe it or not it is a cheesey scarf I picked up at a thrift store years back and just could not get rid of but could not figure out what to do with.  Have you ever considered using scarves from the thrift store?  There are so many of them which could be worked into all sorts of pretty accents for your cards! 

Supplies: Mary Engelbreit sticker
Various papers

This is a more masculine card, it was fun to make.

Supplies:  Mary Engelbreit sticker
Various Paper
That same old scarf - using the gold edging!

I had these four cards made before noon - with a one hour workout squished in between two of the cards, and then when I put my supplies away I decided to completely overhaul my little crafting area.  Ayep, eight hours later... but so worth it.  I manged to bake bread too.  Quite the Monday, I'd say.  I think I took extra pleasure in accomplishing all this when I looked out the window and saw it was drizzley and grey all the live long day. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!  Don't forget to check out my previous post for my latest products and a free gift for YOU! 


  1. Aunty Barb!! you did an amazing job on your cards. I have to admit i do look forward to looking at yours, moms and Nina's cards every monday.

    I sure wish i had your drive and energy. You were a busy busy lady always.

    Lots of love

  2. girl love the cards the colors ...boy you have been busy. I am still tyring to get that look and maybe today it will be completed. Love and miss you. Have a great Tuesday


  3. You are a cardmaking machine :) very nice sis.


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