Monday, January 10, 2011

Managed a Mojo, New Product and a Freebie!

Ah yes, while some of you go to work at official "job" each workday, I on the other hand, sit down to design design design... for a while yes, but then I have a 'reward' system for myself.  Its a little thing that's play but useful too.  Mojo Mondays have come to bring me a sense of almost looking forward to the beginning of each week.  Ok, actually it does make me enjoy it.  I admit it, I've become a closet carder of sorts.  Knowing my Sister and my SIL join in the fun makes it especially fun.  How bout YOU? 

Well, I actually made THREE.  My friend Rose always used to do two of each painting she attacked and seemed to get a lot more accomplished than me.  Invariably one turns out better than the other too, bonus.  I will show you my first one.


Random stickers (dollar store - gifted to me)
Sparkly Ribbon
Stamps: Kimberly Polson

Monday is always a great day to visit SCRAPBOOK ELEMENTS store because new product is launched.  I have some fun and interesting new elements you might just want to take a peek at.  Here's a few previews. 


And here are some ways you might use these little wonders:

Your imagination is the limit!

You can find these items HERE!
(stay tuned for set # 2 next week)

And speaking of products, my Creative Team member Victoria made this adorable ATC (Artist Trading Card) using my Artistic Christmas Kit which you can find HERE

How FUN! 

And of course I rarely post a new product without making a little something for YOU, and it occured to me today to make you some of the glittery heart stickers like the sort I made my Mojo with!  These are for your personal use and puh-leeze, don't share the download link - rather point your friends in the direction of my blog where they might, if they are having a good day and can find it in their hearts... leave me a little comment-love in return.  It truly makes my day (besides a good strong coffee and chocolate) 


  1. Holy Smokes what a blog post sister. Love the card, I am a sucker for the darker colors. Love the look of your new product sis. You are ooh so talented.

  2. Your card turned out beautiful Aunty Barb! Love the Red black and white....they seem to be popular colors right now with scrapbooking type stuff.

    I wish i had your job....well kinda maybe when my boy gets a little older....he does come first. Then i can sit and create all of the little things that i dream of.

  3. wondered where you were hiding ...a very busy girl Barb way to products ..must go check them out...and I will be watching for the next couple of weeks .. love the cards you made.
    Chat again soon


  4. Good afternoon Barb:)
    WOW..I are so talented!!! LOVE your card and the ATC that Victoria made using your adorable kit.:)
    Cool designs too!! Thanks so much for sharing some with us.:)The glitter flower-hearts are sooo COOL!
    Got lots going on this week.Will get back as soon as I am able.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love,

  5. what a wonderful card
    so sweet - i love all the colors and papers you picked

  6. Sweet the glittery hearts! You've inspired me to consider flipping sketch elements too! :)

  7. I love them. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the glitter hearts!

  9. Thanks for sharing. These will be great for my niece's pages!

  10. oh my gosh ...thought I had left a comment already the cards and girl you are so talented. Thanks for the freebies will see what I can do with them .


  11. Thanks a bunch for the cute glittery hearts. My girls will love them on their Valentine's cards this year.


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