Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Profile Pic, Ice Pics (pun intended - ice PICKs) New Product and a Free Gift!

Ok Valinda, you got your wish.  I decided to humour you with a photo of me in my new fuzzy hat. (thrift shop buy - last week!)   It sort of reminds me of the police because they have fuzzy hats like this too.  I confess the furry flaps that can be tied under your chin just cuddle the cheeks and keep you so warm! 

I have two "Jans" in my life who are fabulous with photography.  Of course many of you will have visited my friend JanMary who captures the magic and beauty of Ireland and who's blog I frequent because she's always got something wonderful to share.  And because ONE DAY, really one big fat fine day me and my Mr are going to visit there.  Will too!  You just wait and see. 

The other Jan is my friend Janice.  Janice and I have been friends for several years and have been on some fun photo-taking excursions together.  Unfortunately for Janice, she had her last home broken into and her camera and computer stole!  Being a single mom, stretching those dollars it was a true setback for her as she relied on freelance photography jobs to bring in income.  Happily she skrinched her pennies together at Christmas and bought herself another camera and is up and running, back in business again.  And... she's enrolled in a photography course and started her own blog, won't you take a few moments to visit her and say hi? 

I see that she is taking a photo "challenge" and was inspired by her ICE theme to go out yesterday morning and harvest some of the amazing ice photos along the edge of the lake.  I've posted a small photo slideshow in my sidebar but here are some of my favorites:

I love how the the edges of this are so "lacey" with tiny shards on the side. 

A decomposing salmon, covered in frost looks like some sort of a prehistoric creature.

A fragile "ribbon" of ice stands poised like some sort of translucent free-form sculpture.  Its a delicate balance when photographing the ice because you want enough light but you can't count on the sun - the moment the sun's warming rays hit then all the tiny formations melt in an instant.

And you have to love this - a squiggly arrow!  It's part of the adventure because you can never predict what you will find.  Each day brings an entirely new landscape. 

Micro-thin sheets of ice, like shattered glass or glassy puzzle pieces wash up along the shore.

Finally - even an icey "feather" - can you see it? 

And now, onto NEW PRODUCT!  Did you know that Sunday and Mondays are great days to shop at  This is because each Sunday and Monday when new products are uploaded they are 25% off!!! I have been drooling over some of the new products already - what a terrific line-up we have this week. 

My own contribution is my Classy-Clipons2

This second set of 40 fun and original "Clip-on" elements are sure to add that special touch to your projects. Each Clip-on measures about 2 inches. Clip-ons are metal shapes with small teeth which "clip on" to your projects in whatever way you might dream up they can be used. Each element is inlaid with a secondary glossy and beveled filling and each one is unique. Have fun anchoring things onto your layouts with these creative little objects. Classy Clip-ons 2 contains 10 flower clip-ons, 10 rectangle clip-ons, 10 bumpy clip-ons and 10 heart clip-ons.

So many FUN ways you can use these!  If you catch them during the sale they will only put you out $2.25.  If you have to wait then they go up to $3. 

And, as (almost) always, a personal-use gift for you for taking the time to visit my blog and peek in the store and (hopefully) take the 30 seconds to leave me a little `hello`in my comments box...

Measures about 8 inches tall!


  1. awesome photos Barb. Yes ireland is one place i wouldlove to visit. Must go check things out at the store ...thanks for the Ivy Frame ...have a great week.


  2. Good morning Barb:)
    I LOVE your pics!! How COOL..literally...are those???!!! :)What is even more COOL is that you went out there in that COLD weather to get them!! brrrr. You are soo brave.:)Since my accident on the ice years ago..I kinda avoid going out in the icy weather.:) BTW...I LOVE your hat!!!! How CUTE!:)Thank you so much for sharing a pic of you in it.I bet it IS warm.:) starts life ..back to normal...whatever that is.LOL Jim's first day back from vacation.I have a messy house to clean today because I have been busy doing other things with Jim this past week.:)We did manage to get the garage cleaned out and stuff taken off to the dump and thrift store etc.I don't want to even think about my closet.LOL
    I LOVE your clip ons!! How pretty!!:) Will have to check those out when I get caught back up.:) Thanks sooo much for sharing your beautiful frame with me.I LOVE it too!!:)
    Guess I had better get my day started.Wouldn't it be nice if we had a button for self cleaning the we have for the oven?LOL Bet I could make a pretty penny on that!!hehe

    Huge hugs and LOTS of Love!

  3. love love love the ice pix!! I have several Osoyoos ice pix that I have loved on days like those. Lacey miniature worlds of frozen wonder!

  4. Hey! Got into Vanc this a.m. so have Internet for a couple of days.

    Love the ice pictures - so amazing how ice forms up.

    Pat (the widow that I stay with in Abby) and I did a wee bike circuit through the southwest of Ireland. Lovely.

    Looks like you've been one creative gal over the last few days.

  5. I love love your ice pictures!! Very impressive and so foreign to me. It´s amazing the shapes you find. Good thing I don´t have to feel the cold. :)

  6. I love those ice pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What bEaUtIfUl ice pics you have there missy! And thanks so much for the awesome shameless plug to my blog site you did, you know I love ya to smothereans! My fave pic of yours is the ice 'feather" cuase you know how much I love feathers! See you soon =(


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