Monday, April 26, 2010

What's An Inkle?

It's a small loom!

My friend Marie and I set aside a day last week (an amazing thing in these busy times) and she taught me yet another new hobby.

This is a small loom called an Inkle Loom - her husband built two, one for her and she chose to give the other to me. Roger is very gifted in working with wood and always has some practical project on the go. He does very fine work,

Marie was extremely patient with me as we got the loom set up. I kept getting the anchor threads looped the wrong way but she eventually sorted me out.

Once I got going it proved to be quite easy. This loom will allow me to make things like belts and straps which could also be joined for larger projects. I look forward to playing around with it more... once I get my tatting nailed down.

Speaking of tatting, I have added a link in my sidebar to Krystle's tatting blog - she's posted more photos of the shuttlebird's tatting days if you would like to see!

Back to my day with Marie. Marie has been working with a local Spinning and Weaving group for at least a year now. She began this because she has alpaca and wanted to learn to spin the wool. Here are some of the projects she's made - not all are with alpaca wool.

I love this 'felted' tea cozy, this is made with alpaca.

This is a hat - alpaca.

This photo does not do this tangerine coloured scarf justice!

This is a very clever 'mobius' scarf, knitted with a twist in the pattern - it can be looped and worn in many different ways.

I was especially take with this collar type item. It was knitted with alpaca wool. It's so soft and supple - the wool is very insulating. Impressive knits, no?

And after a yummy lunch we went outside and visited the 'critters'

Having a chat!

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  1. wow ...I will have to get you to show me that loom looks very interesting....have a great week.


  2. Great you have some "hands-on" teaching - I expect to see you and Mr Miles modeling some of your new creations soon :)

  3. One thing I know for sure. You will never be bored. :)
    I think it´s so great the passion you have for these new hobby´s and learning them. I love the scarf!


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