Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Photos and "Firsts" of Spring 2010

Yes, I've been tatting away since my last post and learning loads but I do have some burning questions.  Lucky for me, I've been put in touch with a local "tatter".  I'll keep you posted!

I promised to post some photos of our trip down to Spokane and without further ado:


We camped at Riverside State Park in Spokane - this was a funky peace sign alongside the trail.  There was an osprey in a nest nearby - that bird squawked the entire time, and we could hear it from morning till night even over the roar of the river.  There is a very extensive trail system along the river, a great place to visit.  It was nice being sort of "in" the city, yet still have that wilderness feeling. 

I did not really start to take pictures until we were on the the trip back home.

lakeroosevelt (3)

A quaint roadside scene near Hunters, Washington. 

lakeroosevelt (4)

A free ferry near Gifford, Washington - takes you across Lake Roosevelt where you are able to drive up that side of the lake if you wish.  Both sides would be just as scenic.

lakeroosevelt (5)

I LOVE when the balsam root flowers are in bloom - they were out in full!

lakeroosevelt (6)

First butterfly of the year.  Almost the same pretty blue as the water and sky.

lakeroosevelt (8)
lakeroosevelt (9)

Just one of many roadside picnic areas along Lake Roosevelt.  We found a few absolutely wonderful campsites which we plan on returning to in the future.  We hand it to you Americans - you definitely have beautiful camping facilities - we have always had such positive camping experiences in the States.

lakeroosevelt (10)

My handsome chef.  See, this is another thing we enjoy in the USA which we do NOT see here in Canada.  The grill - we do not have these in Canada... at all in BC at any rate, that we have seen.  Sad to say but if you vacationed here you would not find any of these in which to cook a bbq lunch.  The nearest you would come is if you rented a campsite (they are going up $5 this year - which will make our local Hayne's Point Provincial Park a hefty $35 a night!!!  With our dollar at par to the USA that's too steep for some people)  The campsites which we checked out along our Washington weekend were an unbelievable $10 a night!  What can I say.

And now, here are a few photos which I've taken to mark the signs of our early spring 2010.

spring2010 (2)

Morel mushroom.


Mystery mushroom - do YOU know what this might be?

spring2010 (3)

Pink Lady Apple Blossoms

spring2010 (4)
Crabapple Blossoms

Now, for some information to save you $$$ (fellow Canadians) I signed up at this site  coupons - they can really save you money.  I absolutely love the Pledge Multisurface cleaner and I got a two-for-one coupon.  Click on the website picture to be taken to the coupons!

Fullscreen capture 22042010 84807 PM

I will blog again in the next few days as I find myself in the rare position of having more to blog about than I can fit (or you should have to read) in one post!  I visited a dear friend the other day and she introduced me to yet ANOTHER hobby - as if I don't have enough to do already haha!  It was a fabulous day together and I can't wait to share it with you. I also will be coming to visit YOU at your blog too, hopefully in the next few days. *wink*


  1. Dearest, sweetest, Barb,

    I am SO behind on my visits and well, as you know it, life takes us in many different directions at times and this has been one of those times for me, as well as you I see!

    Girl, you have my heart pumping and even more jazzed about my visit to Bellingham come July! Your photos are GORGEOUS and I got a big smile on my face seeing your mister at the barbie as I read how you don't find them in Canada as you do here in the USA.

    During the warmth of Spring and into early Fall, Robert does more barbecuing than not! We love it!

    My stepson was just in a very serious accident on the job last Friday and Robert flew to Nashville to visit him in the Burn Center at Vanderbilt. He is doing much better and if you have time, you can get the details on my blog. We hope to have an update tomorrow as to when they may be releasing him to go home, which is three hours from the hospital he is in.

    I shall try to keep up with you a little better to see what new adventure is awaiting you!

    Tatting is beautiful and this girl plans on bringing her sewing machine out of retirement this summer to start sewing for her granddaughter! I miss it so!

    Your mystery mushroom is SO lovely, but I have not a clue as to it's name. Wouldn't it be fun if we could drop a photo into Google and get the information we need? LOL! That is probably not too far off!

    Lake Roosevelt is BEAUTIFUL. I just Skyped with April today for the first time since her wedding in February and she point her laptop towards the window so that I could see what she looks at everyday and WOW! April said Bellingham is the most beautiful place she has lived thus far! I cannot wait to visit! And, I cannot wait to cross the border into GORGEOUS Canada!

    Well, the rambler is leaving your blog and leaving you some love and good thoughts. May your upcoming weekend be just as SWEET as you are my friend!

    Linda :D

  2. It all looks beautiful and that butterfly is an amazing shade of blue. My wee son would want to adopt it and would probably name it "Bluey"!

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    Your vacation looks like it was a lot of fun and relaxation.How pretty too.I can't believe the cost difference though.Wow! One of my first camping experiences kept me huddled under the covers and awake most of the night wishing I had stayed home...cause I kept hearing this woman she was being killed or something.Everyone in the tent was fast asleep..except me and I was too scared to move.I found out the next morning that it was a screech owl.LOL I had never heard of one before.hehe There were cows in the park too and would walk around the campgrounds and get right next to the tents.Not a real pleasant experience..let me tell you!!:)
    I can't wait to see what your new hobby is...and what you have done with it.:)Thank you so much for sharing your pics.They are such nice ones and as they say..a picture is worth a thousand words.:)I love reading what you say don't stop writing!hehe

    Have a fantastic weekend my friend,
    Love and hugs,

  4. I love your spring pictures! Especially the ones with the apple blossoms.
    Who knew that camping could be so expensive? I´m sure we would head south too, if we lived there.

  5. Well, I'll try to answer all the questions you left for me on my blog...thanks for stopping by!

    So great that you've found a teacher close by. That really helps, I never had anyone near and had to agonize over diagrams and internet videos, but yes, it can be done. tatting is addictive that's for sure!

    There are plenty of Blogging tatters out there.... take a look at anyone in my "blogroll". It's on the right side and shows recent posts from many of the more active blogs. That's how I got connected to most of the other bloggers out there , just from seeing a snippet of them on other peoples blogs. I think that's mainly how the blogger blogs stay connected.

    I design my own things that I sell mostly, in my etsy shop. But I like to explore other patterns alot for enjoyment. One of the reasons I started my blog was to keep my eyes open for interesting patterns, most folks will tell where they got a pattern from in their post so it's a good way to preview books or find links. Anyway, I am so glad that the tatting bug has bitten you....that's how this lovely art will stay alive and thrive for the future.

  6. Oh! what I would give to be sitting in that woodland setting enjoying a bbq with you now lol! The sky in the pictures look a delight, nothing like a bright blue and a few white fluffy clouds dotted here and there to make you feel good.
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new hobby, tatting I have seen done and seen some very pretty earrings made too! but it is something I have never tried..
    hope you are keeping well my friend x

  7. again awesome pictures of your travels and you are so willing to learn new hobbies...(I love that about you)...Your awesome looking chef looks like he id doing an awesome job there. Yes the states seem to offer so much more for the campers...can't wait to go and try their sites out. Thanks for the Family Saving Centre. Chat to you real soon.



  8. We too have found that there is much nicer camping on the States side. That the B.C. government is hefting the price is unbelievable ... for such few services rendered! Plus, we could always find camping spots in the States.


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