Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How I Am

I wish there were eight of me lately. My friend Lillian (link on the sidebar) left a comment on my last post; she pointed out that I blog about various subjects and "things" but don't say much about how I am. I'm too busy - like I'm sure most of you reading are as well. This isn't a complaint!

I'm very happy - I never dreamed my "50's" would bring such satisfaction and creativity with it. I'm learning more than ever, and exploring new interests all of the time. I feel as if all my busyness is preparations for the retirement years in the not too distant future. Ah - the PLANS my Mr and I have dreamed up! It's what keeps me propelled forward over life's speedbumps.

Spiritually I am at peace as well. I am learning to be content with where God has me, right here - right now. I feel daunted and inspired and alternately ENcouraged and DIScouraged at times - but it's always revealed to me WHY if I wait on Him. I'm learning to take ME out of the equation - this way is far less painful and yet rewarding. Does this make sense?

The one thing that truly saddens me is that as some of my interests have evolved I have realized that I can't do it all - and right now my digital scrapbooking has been put to the side. Now, it's not the scrapbooking itself that grieves me, rather it's the contact and commoradory with the digi-scrapping community I miss deeply. I made some amazing friends and we shared a tremendously exciting growth because it was something new at that time. And now, I feel so out of the loop and I miss the contact with my friends - I simply don't have time for everything. (NOT meaning that I don't have time for my friends, coz if I know someone needs me I will ALWAYS make time!)   In some ways it's overwhelming when I see all the digi-scrapping talent out there, wondering how I could possibly make anything new or useful... Like Solomon would put it "it's all been done before".

But on the other hand, I've been learning Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher at school, and doing some digital painting as well. I am almost completed this one which I've called "Backstreet Bully"

Tap to view larger!

I started it on a blank page with no idea what I would make, by painting the eyes first and building around them. In some ways this is far more freeing and exciting than a 'structured' painting. The only reference I use is my imagination.

I painted this in Art Rage, version 2, using a wacom tablet. It took me two sessions - about 4 hours.

I already have another idea brewing in my head for my next painting and I can't wait to get it down 'on paper'

And of course I always find time to visit the thrift store. I bought the clip on earrings for $1 and what's startling is they match this choker I bought at a yard sale, locally, last summer. They are both vintage pieces stamped Continental - a company from Montreal. I believe I paid $10 for the necklace.

Well, that's my chatty little post. Hope I did not chew your ear off.  And Lillian, THANKS - for asking, its nice to know my friends care about ME.  :)

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  1. Love the picture of the divided you looking to different directions. Isn't it true how our interests evolve and change ... one thing leads to another.

    Glad you are finding contentment and at the same time expanding who you are! Retirement is GREEEAAAT! Never a dull moment ... especially if you have a sweetie pie to share it with!

  2. It´s good to hear how you´re doing. I was wondering how your digi-scrapbooking was going. I will always have a fond memory of you, due to the two photos you "spruced" up for me. But I think it´s normal, that our interests change or we want to learn more stuff. I think you´re doing really great with painting. Looks good! You are so talented!
    Good to catch up with what you´re up to.

  3. Oh Barb,
    You are such a blessing to everyone that is around you. I love your heart and you drip of love and compassion for others.

    It was asked "What is the most important law of all?"
    "First to love God with all your heart,soul,mind and strength and second to love our neighbor as we love ourselves."(my quicky of Mark 12:30-31)
    Thank you for being an example of this for me and others that you call friend.
    May God bless you richly!!!
    Love Angie

  4. I love you!!!! You're amazing and I loved reading this!! You're such an amazing woman and such an encouragement! I'm sending billions of hugs across the ocean!!!!!!


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