Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ruby Christmas Kit

I am going to be taking some time away from the computer over the holidays - time to be with my husband and family. I want to thank you, all my blog-family, for your friendship and encouragement over this past year. I want to thank you for taking an interest in my life, and allowing God to use my blog to share with you. I never dreamed of where He would lead me today. I've grown so close to many of you! Thank you for the many gifts you've given ME - your many kind comments and just being there for me. Thank you most of all for keeping me accountable.

Thank you to Gail and Kevin for 'holding down the fort' for us during the next little while.

Speaking about gifts, I was reading a bit about the gifts which were brought to baby Jesus when he was born - Gold I readily understand, but was not quite sure on Frankincense and Myrrh. Turns out they are both resinous gums, which ooze out which ooze out from shrub-like trees in the Near East and the Mediterranean. Oils are then extracted from the gum - and the purest oils are extracted using steam distillation.

As a gift for Jesus, Frankincense was included because it symbolized his priesthood, his stature as a spiritual leader and teacher. Myrrh was given as a gift to Jesus as a symbol that he was born to die. Myrrh is so very antibacterial it was often used for embalming the dead as well as being burned at funerals to honor the dead.

I must get on with my gift wrapping etc, but I want to leave you with the following thoughts.

List of Priceless Gifts to Give:

To your enemy - forgiveness;
To your opponent - tolerence;
To your friends - your heart;
To your child - a good example;
To your father - deference;
To your mother - conduct that will make her proud;
To yourself - respect;
To all men - charity.

Be thankful -

for the friends who have forgiven you,
for the enemies who keep you cautious,
for the difficulties which make you struggle,
for the emergencies which make you think,
for the hardships which make you strong,
for the disappointments which make you try harder.

Bonus: Digitally Hand-Painted Festive Winter Lamp

Have a safe and wonderful holiday and I will check back in sometime AFTER my family has the best of my time... but before New Years!

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  1. Have a wonderful filled time with the family ...we love and will miss you...but know you will have awesome stuff to share with us soon

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Of course you can share that "funny", but source unknown.

    Bad news on kitty George - will be spending Christmas back at the vets :(

    Take care and hugs.

  3. It's been great and fantastic to share with you the latest months and it's been great to come around every now and them and read your blog. It's actually been a pleasure and I want to thank you for the effort of keeping the blog and making it very interesting to read. :)

    I hope you have a fantastic holidays with your family and enjoy these days to the full.:)

    Happy Christmas and best wishes. :O)

  4. Hi Barb just stopping in to

  5. Hope you have wonderful fun filled family deserve it.
    Many many thanks for your wonderful gifts throughout the year and I adore that gorgeous lamp you created.
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I dont always comment, but I love visiting your blog. It is always encouraging and uplifting. Merry Christmas and God bless!

  7. Good Morning Barb:)


    Hope you have a wonderful day today with your loved ones.:)

    I love your kit.!!!! Thank you so much.I wasn't expecting a gift from you this morning.:)

    Gotta go cook some more.:)


  8. Hi Barb, I hope you see this message. I truly love your site and enjoy reading all you have to share. You have taught me so much...TY!

    I have created a LO/QP of 2 of your mini kits (combined), I called it "Ruby-Get My Drift_BDerksen" It kind'a fits. LOL Anyway...if you would like to see it...or even have it you are welcome to, please visit my blog to see what I made and you can get my email in my Personal Info section. TY so much for sharing...and I would love so much to share this with others, but not without your permission. So, at this time, I will only share the preview. My blog is....

    Again, TY so much for all the GREAT shares and especially for all the knowledgeable info you share!
    Have an wonderful and happy New Year!

  9. Barb, I'm stopping in to TY for dropping by my! What a wonderful surprise that was!
    Also...I want to thank you so much for allowing me to share the QP I made using your 2-mini kits...on my blog. If anyone one wants to see it or even download it...please feel free to send them to my blog...
    Again, TY so much. I am on my way to Post it there now. I can't wait to see what else you offer! Thanks so much for sharing.
    huggs and keep creating! :-)

  10. Good Morning Barb:)
    Just stopped in again to say Hi.:) Miss you!:)


  11. Me again..hehe..I feel like a stalker.LOL
    Happy New Year!!! I will be soo busy tomorrow and wasn't sure I would have time to come by..hope you and Miles have a Fantastic New year in the Lord this year!!


  12. Hi Barb just making a quick stop by to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  13. Your blog is lovely! I really enjoy reading it! Especially about your prime rib! HA, I know how that is...and it was fantastic reading your blog about that! Funny how trying new recipes can be so much fun... you never know if its going to be good or flop.
    Thanks for your blog...It is really uplifting to me..and a joy. I hope you can visit my blog sometime.. I am just getting started and would love to have you visit!


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