Monday, December 17, 2007


Thanks to AmyW . for the use of her photo of sweet little Emma!

Well, I promised you Olivia's AMAZING freebie here today. Me and Amy keep telling that girl that she needs to get her own blog - but she asks us why, since we seem to be doing fine posting FOR her? Cheeky, hey? At any rate, she is sharing so we shan't complain now, will we? You will love her newest products - very original... so after downloading her freebie here, why not wander on over to the SHOPPE to be the first to buy her newest items!



These are previews of Olivia's two latest products available - Festive Glitters and U-bake (can't you just smell the gingerbread baking?)


  1. Please thank Ms. Olivia for the wonderful festive frames. I love her work and her Festive Glitter is amazing!

    Thank you, Mrs. Miles, for posting her freebies.

  2. Wow! thank you Ms. Olivia! Beautiful! And thank you for your Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

  4. Thanks so much!
    Merry Christmas :0)

  5. TY both so very much for these GORGEOUS frames!!!
    Hi Barb been stopping by but haven't DL anything lately since I already have most of it!!! LOL
    Finallu updated my blog last evening & uploaded my Christmas tree photo's this morning!!!!

  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    What gorgeous Festive Glitter Frames.I LOVE them.!!! Please tell Olivia that we really do appreciate her talent and generosity.:)Please give her a big thank you for us!:)Oh..and tell her that her elements are fantastic!
    I love the layout with Emma and Santa.Wonderful photo too.I bet Amy loves it!:)
    If all goes well..I will be sending scrappers your way today to pick up your Deep Blue Freeze kit...and I am sure they will want to grab yours and Olivia's goodies while they are here.:)
    Have a wonderful day!


  7. Thanks a bunch!

  8. Me again:)
    It was so nice to see you had come for another visit:)You are more than welcome to come to Christmas dinner.:)You will have to ride a snowbird though from what I can tell about your weather up there.LOL Wonder how much first class would be.hehe
    Not much happening right now.Trying to get my house cleaned up before Christmas day and all the family come in.:) Just the immediate son and his family and my other two kids and Mom.But it will be a nice one for us.:)My sister goes to her MIL's for the holidays.My Mom goes with her for Thanksgiving and comes here for Christmas:)Good plan if you ask me.:)
    Sure miss Daddy though.:( Did I ever tell you about him buying my sister and me CD's with "Butterfly Kisses" on it.?He had heard it on the radio in his car and told my Mom he wanted to get them for us.I can't listen to that song without tears rolling down my face.:)But they are happy ones too..cause he loved us so much.:)
    Thanks for stopping by again.:) I know you are soo it means even more to me.:)


  9. Lovely frames! Thank you Ms. Olivia and Mrs. Miles.


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