Monday, December 16, 2013

FREE Mittens Card Holder cutting file!

Thanks to the “Simplify Your Life” course by Marcia Ramsland I headed up at my church a few months ago, I find myself (quite astonishingly) with a little breather for a day or two.  By breather I certainly don’t mean I have idle time because idle would probably drive me buggy.  But I have some time to gift myself a crafty day to myself. 

I’ve had to imagine up a design for my own gift card holder so I made it to share with YOU! Here’s the preview and instructions:




Mitten Gift Card Holder cutting file by Barbara Derksen

8 x 8 inch (or larger) piece of designer paper

white cardstock


Punched or cut snowflakes

glue, double-sided tape, glue dot

stamps or vinyl



There are three basic shapes to my cutting file:



Cut your mitten and tab from the designer paper of your choice. The mitten is a two sided fold. Be sure to make sure your pattern is going in the right direction if you have any graphics on the designer paper.

Next, cut the insert using a white cardstock.  There are perforations along the sides of the insert.  Fold them and then glue it into the middle top of the right side of the glove fold (inside)  At this point, you can choose to either glue the mitten altogether, or you can sew around the edges like I did (I’m not so good with the machine but I get the job done Winking smile )


Now I add on the sentiment (which I cut from vinyl… I’m ADDICTED to vinyl) and then I layered a few snowflakes together, placed a bling gem in the center and popped that onto the card using a glue dot.  (ok, I’m addicted to Glue Dots too)



After it was all together, I add a nice ribbon around the top of the mitten.  I personally prefer to anchor a length of ribbon flat around the card first, using bits of double sided tape and then I use my bow maker and stick it on top, again with glue dots.  This makes the bow sit so nice on top of the flat ribbon.



Lastly, I put a little double sided tape on the tab, stick one side of it to either side of the gift card and then slide it into the insert inside the glove.  Voila!


I hope you enjoy this file for your PERSONAL use.  I’d love it if you might feel moved to donate here if you are feeling flush (more $ = more caffeine/craft supplies etc) which gives me the freedom to do loads more creating and giving here.  If you are like me and broke (but very VERY happy haha) how bout if you might consider PINteresting me, twittering me or FB me?  Thanks so much!

me and dino3

Me and Dino encourage you today with this message that I found online, which can be relevant to all - especially in this hectic season:

Just for today I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle my whole life problem at once.  I can do something for twelve hours that would appal me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime. 

Just for today I will be happy.  Most folks are as happy as they make up their own minds to be.

Just for today I will adjust myself to what is and not try to adjust everything to my own desires.  I will take my luck as it comes and fit myself to it.

Just for today I will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax.  During this half hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective of my life.

Just for today I will be unafraid. Especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful, and to believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me.

~ attributed to Alcoholics Anonymous


God always takes the simplest way.

~ Albert Einstein


I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet,

simple things of life

which are the real ones after all.

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder


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  1. You sure look cute with your dino friend! I always enjoy your uplifting thoughts. :)


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