Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FREE “Java Nice Christmas” Gift Tag cutting file for Silhouette Cameo!

Rack, Rack, Racking my brains today for some last minute Christmas gifts (per request from my handsome amazing Mr.)  And not wanting to have to rush into town to buy things I had to fall upon whatever was at hand. 


I had a set of four clear glass ornaments (similar to these in the picture above)  which I’ve looked at almost every day since last summer.  I bought them at a yard sale or thrift shop.  I kept thinking of what I would do with them.  I had Pinterested them and I had Craftgawkered them.  I had looked in magazines and I had just thunk and thunk into dreamland some nights.  But today, I got an idea. 


I wanted to bless a coffee shop in town and I had a brilliant concept creep into the creative area of my brain.  So, for the first ornament I thought I would decorate the outside of the bulb with a glittery pattern and fill the inside with whole coffee beans.  It went pretty good.


I removed the decorative cap from the ornament. I washed and dried the ornament way ahead of time, inside and out and gave it time to dry. I used my Cameo cut a couple of holes in cardstock, (one 2 inches in diameter, the other 2.5 inches) and then set the ornament underneath and sprayed an adhesive over the exposed area, thus making a sticky circle.  Then I repeated this with a smaller circle over the top up to the rim.  This is where I believe I made a mistake, for unless my intent would be purely to give this as a “look upon” present, I should not have put glitter anywhere near the hole. 

This is because later, when I glittered the sticky areas and then went to fill the ball with coffee beans, they got glitter mixed in with them.  Therefore, the recipient, though they could gaze upon it with great joy, they could not actually use the coffee beans. 

So, I went about creating a second set of pretty and more functional set of ornaments.


These ornaments contain a whole coffee pot portion my own freshly ground mix of coffee, vanilla bean and dark cocoa.  Whoever receives this not only gets to enjoy it hanging but can use the contents too. 

So, of course I had to build a tag for it.  I whipped up a design for it with the idea for a “chalkboard” look.



Java Nice Christmas cutting file - Barbara Derksen

Black Cardstock

Silhouette Sketch pen - white

Various gel pens - I used silver, gold, green

Glossy Accents

Stickles - red

Snowflake punch

Hole punch



Ungroup the Cutting file.  Delete the outside cut line and the hole line.  Load your Cameo with black cardstock and the white Silhouette Sketch Pen. Use the “sketch pen” setting on your Cameo.  “cut” or “sketch” the sentiment. 

Now, exchange the sketch pen for the cutting blade. Use the “undo” arrow in your software to step backwards until you have the entire file back, then select and delete the text.  Set your Cameo to “cardstock” and cut the outer edges of tag. 

This will now be the base of your chalkboard cardstock tag.  Here is how I dressed it up.  I used gold and silver gel pens to color in the text.  I drew holly leaves next to the “Merry Little Christmas” text.  I then added some glossy accents to the leaves.  Next, I created holly berries using dots of red Stickles.  I allowed all of this to dry well.

I punched a snowflake from silvery glitter paper, then punched a hole in the center and lined it up with the tag hole at the top.  Glued that on. 

Finally, I printed out the coffee ingredient tags (I’ve included these in case you whip up your very own Vanilla Mocha Coffee. Stuck these on the back with some double sided tape.

I filled my bulbs with enough coffee to make someone a very (caffeinated) and Merry Christmas.  I chose some ribbon and a loop of gold filament thread to hang the ornament upon the tree. 

Please leave any questions in my comments and I’ll be happy to answer all.  Enjoy!



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  1. Merry CHRISTmas Barb.:)
    What a COOL idea! I must remember this.:) Thank you so much for the Java tag!! Hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends and eating lots of chocolate.:) It's CHRISTmas time after all! hehe

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love,


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