Monday, January 14, 2013

“Priceless” card for Fab Friday Challenge

I got a bit of time to (virtually) hang out with my sister Nina over the weekend and we decided to take in a new challenge. 

Fab Friday Challenge #09

Ah - so simple and straightforward.  ♥ it. 

Here’s my take:

Fab Friday 09_Barb Derksen

Oh Dear! - I wish I could tell you which designer paper this is, but there are absolutely no identifying marks on it.  I used a combo of Versafine, Stampin’ Up and Studio G inks for the sentiments and pattern on the vertical strip.   The pattern stamp is by Studio G and the hand and price tag is from Clear Art Stamps “Price Tags” 

Guess I’ve got to begin thinking Valentines, what? 

I suffered a “crafting related injury” this past week.  Seriously - I was rushing (there’s our culprit!)  I needed to tie a ribbon bow onto a project at the very last minute and I’d left my very very sharp indeedy Fiskars craft scissors on the floor with a roll of ribbon (my ribbon cupboard is underneath my work space so I have to go down to get into it)  and, then when I got up to get my project and then at the speed of light knelt back down I drove the point of the scissors right into my leg just underneath the knee.  Thank goodness its going to heal now even though it looked like it could have used a stitch or two and it bled like the dickens causing me to have to change out bandaids several times before leaving home.  Have YOU ever sustained a craft related injury? 

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  1. Fantastic card Barb, I love your fun theme. Ouch, that injury does not sound good at all. I have craft injuries all the time, sissors, pin point tweezers and paper cuts. Dasterdly all of it, but soo worth it :)

  2. wow love the card ...bright and cheery. What that sounds so painfully ...glad to hear it is healing. Take care....
    Thanks for sharing..


  3. Hope your leg is feeling better! I really like your stamped images! They have a nice vintage feel to them! Thanks for sharing with us at Fab Friday!

  4. Hi Barb!
    I love the bright colors on your card and the button and twine wrapping up the tag are so cute.
    Thanks for playing with us at Fab Friday! Hope you'll join us often.

  5. What a bright and cheery fun card! So sorry to hear about your injury though. Ouch! The things we stampers have to go through for our art! :) Thanks for joining us at Fab Friday this week!

  6. Beautiful work, Barbara. Hope the injury heals soon.

  7. I LOVE your card!!:) Bright and cheery!I LOVE the "please note" stamp too.It emphasizes the sentiment.:)
    So SORRY you hurt your leg.:( I know that had to hurt something fierce!! Hope it heals quickly for you!! I can't think of any injuries(at the moment)that I have had with crafting. I am sure I have had them though.LOL



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