Friday, January 25, 2013

I WON! - getting ready for a “SPICY” night on the town!

I totally WON tickets to this wonderful fundraising event here in Osoyoos

It is sponsored by the Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center and I’m soooooo excited - for the food as much as anything (like DUH, the chance to win $1000!)  Thank you so much to Desert Sun and  EZRock our local radio station for the opportunity to win this.  I near fell off my chair when I heard my name announced.  I’ll post-post after this fun event too.  In the meantime its date night at my house and I’m transforming our own little “restaurant” into a magical eatery! 

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  1. Congrats!! Enjoy your special night!! Hope you win the cash too!!

  2. Congrats Barb! What a beautiful evening you have ahead of yoou. It couldn't happen to a more kind and deserving lady. Enjoy this spectacular evening out. xxx- Debbie

  3. way to go ...hope it was an awesome night of food and winning the $1000.00.

  4. Congratulations Barb!! This is awesome!! You may want to take a vidio of it too!! Like to be a fly on your shoulder !!!


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