Monday, January 28, 2013

Moroccan Nights Fundraiser Review and Mini Blog Hop Announcement!

My Mr. and I were fortunate enough to win tickets via a contest on  EZRock  to a local GALA fundraiser event held this past Saturday at the beautiful Watermark Beach Resort here in Osoyoos


1-moroccan 26-01-2013 6-15-00 PM 640x480

I freely admit that this is the biggest “formal” event we have attended in a couple of years and it sent both my Mr. and I scrambling to find out what “appropriate” wear would be expected and to discover if we had such attire amongst our closet.  We did and we did, though it was somewhat cobbled together.  Ha - what am I saying, my Mr would look fantastic wearing a paper bag - he was the handsomest man there! 

As you can see, the decor was so exotic and truly transformed the atmosphere into an exotic world away!


2-moroccan 26-01-2013 8-42-54 PM 480x640

I apologise for the blurry photos.  My Mr begged me not to take my good camera along as he preferred us to simply enjoy our experience but I made sure to take a few iphone photos. 

The food was fabulous.  It was prepared by a group of chefs coming together from Natasha Schooten of Terrafina, Justin Paakkunainen of Walnut Beach Resort, Jonas Stadtl√§nder of Watermark Beach Resort, Jeff Van Geest of Miradoro at Tinhorn Creek and Liam McNulty of Nk’Mip Cellars.

All the food was along a Moroccan theme and was VERY good.  Two items we were a bit reluctant to try but wound up fully appreciating were a “squid and cucumber salad” and the spiced lamb.  The squid was beautiful - delicate, succulent.  The lamb (pictured toward the back, left) was DIVINE!  The portions were quite large, but we dove in for “seconds” on these items.  We have had “bad lamb” experiences in the past, but this was over the top tasty and we have great respect for it now!


3-moroccan 26-01-2013 9-42-44 PM 480x640


Ohhh lala, I drool just looking at this Mousse Cake!  It was the perfect finale to the evening.  That is something like 6 inches of the creamiest, dreamiest silken chocolate deliciousness I’ve eaten in forever.  SO appreciative of our local gourmet restaurants - I think they are as good as any big city in our province. 

There were other fun activities at the event, a silent auction to which MANY local businesses donated and also a draw for $1000 which was won by Tracy Doucette  - a friend and local realtor.  Tracy generously donated the cash back to the Desert Sun Counselling Center!  All the monies raised help with the many community services the Counselling Center provides.  A great cause. 

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend this event.  It is heart warming to realize the true generous spirit of our community.


STAY TUNED here for a Mini Blog Hop coming in the next days!  I’m happy to announce a fun Mini Blog Hop which is slated for Wednesday, January 30th.  It will include some FREE original cutting file and template designs from myself and my dear friend Debby from Paper Pulse as well as posts using our designs by my sister Nina who is a very talented card maker and also Helen from Pinky Paper Craft - who has a “way with paper” which is lavish and extravagant!   We are still ironing out the last minute details and exact times as Helen lives “across the miles” but for sure the post will be live on Wednesday, January 30th - so please facebook, tweet etc this upcoming event. 

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  1. Barbara, that room looked beautiful!

  2. Looks fancy smancy sis, I glad that you had a wonderful time.

  3. It looks so perfect Barb! Talk soon!

  4. Oh BEAUTIFUL and I would have loved to dive into that chocolate mousse cake..head first.LOL
    I am so happy you had a WONDERFUL time.You deserve the luxury of an evening out all dressed up and with the handsomest man in the room.:)



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