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Back to School FREEBIE Collab with Doodling Debbie and… Mrs Miles Blog featured in a UK MAGAZINE!

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Yay - Today’s the day Doodling Debbie and I bring you a “Back to School” themed FREEBIE giveaway on our blogs.  It has been fun connecting with Debbie to provide you with some seriously cute cuts for your Silhouette magic machines. 

I chose to make an apple with a worm ( a going back to school worm, in this case coz it has books tucked under it’s arm ) but I’m sure you might adapt it for all sorts of themes. 


I made mine into a greeting card which I’ve already given to a young person in my Sunday School class. 



Back to School - cut and digital scrapbooking template by Barb Derksen

Set of Googly Eyes

Glue Dots

Clear Embossing Powder




I cut the two solid apple bases out of white cardstock.  I then cut the face out of red cardstock.  I cut the various other pieces out of paper and cardstock as I chose. 

I embossed the cardstock with a clear embossing - ok, well I’m sure you can see the grainy texture and I must fess up I tried an embossing technique which was a fail because I messed up on one of the ingredients, so I will share that with you later.  At any rate, emboss your apple if you like.  Emboss your leaf. 

Glue the stem onto they apple, then glue the leaf on too.

Fold the worm’s arms gently into the middle of its body (like it’s hugging itself) and squish it’s head into the middle as well so that you can fit it through the hole in the apple.  Pull it through the opening from the back to the front.  Secure the worm base at the back with some adhesive or tape.  Position the worm at the angle you would like.  Add the books under the left arm.  Add the hands to the arms with a Glue Dot and then anchor them down to the apple. 

Glue the bowtie and glasses onto the worm, then add Googly Eyes.  Voila!


Happy BACK TO SCHOOL all you Teachers and Kids out there!


Barb Derksen’s Back to School

Digital Scrapbooking Template, Silhouette Cutting File. dxf


Personal Use

For those of you who would like to download just the Print and Cut sheet you can find it here:



Personal Use for personal and non-profit organizations

photo 1

I’m so fortunate to live in Apple Country, watching the trees in every season, coming to life after a long winter, leafing out, blossoming in a spectacular celebration of spring and then seeing the tiny hard green apples grow into crisp juicy fruit - then the picking and the cycle starts all over again. 

photo 2

Who needs a running track when one can run between the sunlight dappled rows of trees in the freshly mown grass?  Ahhh!  If you would like to know more about the beautiful tree fruits of our Okanagan Valley you can visit the BC Tree Fruits Website!

But I’m off track now - because you really really need to jump over to Debbie’s Paper Pulse blog (hopefully after reading the rest of my post - don’t worry, Debbie’s link opens into it’s own window!)  Here are some previews of her amazing giveaway FREEBIE!

School Bus

School House Pic



Isn’t Debbie’s little paper backpack the COOLEST??? I can see filling these with candies as a gift!  I can also imagine these as a perfect present for a hiker too.  THANK YOU Debbie, for collab-ing with me - I think we should do this again in the future, it’s always more fun working with friends. Click HERE to be taken directly to this fun post by Debbie!

And another incredible FREE file is the fun Halloween Haunted House Studio cutting file that Debby made (click HERE for link to blog post) and which Kelly from Finding Time to Create has used on this fun and not so scary project!  The Haunted House goes over a beautiful acid etched bottle, which Kelly includes a tutorial for!


And now that I’ve finished “TOOT-ing” for all my friends, I’m going to “TooT” myself!  Imagine my surprise when Debby posted a Congratulations at the Silhouette Plus Forums to ME for THIS BLOG being featured in a UK Magazine, yes, a real paper magazine! 


Woo Hoo - and hahaha, I had NO IDEA that

  • I had a .uk extension for my bloggie
  • I was TOP BLOG in this magazine 

THANK YOU Debby for not only showing me this, but for sending me a copy of this magazine.  I’m so way excited about this, I’m posting it in my sidebar right away.  I’ve since visited the lovely ladies at the forums over at Let’s Make Cards too and they have loads of great info and good card making tips as well!  AND just this morning I received an email from Elizabeth at Let’s Make Cards (thank you!!!) and also my freind JanMary (Ireland who makes the most LOVELY jewellery!) who located another copy of the magazine AND I’ve since found out how to subscribe too!  Whew.

PS - you need to check out the pretty wreath Debby made using a tutorial at Kelly’s blog and featuring some of the lovely flower .studio cuts at the Silhouette Online Store

Ok, enough excitement for one day (fanning myself) - stay tuned here for my next blog post which will feature another FREEBIE!

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  1. Hi Barb, I got a sneak peek of your adorable card. I love it! It's going to come in so handy throughout the school year. I've added a few more files to our so much fun collaboration. This was great! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it all. XOXO - Debbie aka doodlingdebbie

  2. Great freebie and fun card.

    Congrats on being in the magazine now! Glad you sent me the issue number as it had an outer wrapping on itso if I had been looking for the cover alone I would have missed it.

  3. Congrats on belong published - well deserved!

    Thanks for the link to my blog and jewellery too :)

  4. Thanks for the freebies, Barb! And congrats on getting published - how exciting and well deserving!

  5. How cute, thanks for sharing this. What a neat honor to having your things published.

  6. Love the worm and apple card, Barb! I'm headed over to Debbie's blog now... And the haunted house on the bottle is actually from Doodling Debbie as well. :) She's one talented and generous lady! As are you, Barb!

  7. Good evening Barb:)
    First of all...CONGRATULATIONS on getting TOP BLOG!!!! HOW TOTALLY COOL!!!!:) I can imagine you jumping up and down and running all around when you discovered it!! My heart is doing a happy dance for you my friend!
    I just LOVE your Back to School card!! It's PERFECT!! LOVE the happy book worm.I can't think of a thing that could make him more happy than to have his books AND an apple too.:)SO CUTE!
    I'll be back as soon as I can to visit your friends too. Thanks for pointing me in their direction.:)


  8. Congrats on being Top Blog sis, how wonderful for you :). The apple card is so cute Barb, that little worm is adorable.

  9. Barb, love your apple card, what a great collaboration, congrats on being top blog and being a published crafter, hugs

  10. Congratulations my friend, you totally deserve this!


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