Thursday, September 06, 2012

New Card - Word Art Wednesday and FREEBIE Printable Inspiration


The days are flying off the calendar and I’m in high chipmunk mode, hurry - scurry - furry all a flurry too.  I feel sorry I have not had time to blog hop much and leave some ♥ for my friends and readers, I do try to track back every on of you who leave a comment for me, though.   I’m a “nice-back” person.  One good turn deserves another and all that. 

I am using this week’s Word Art Wednesday card challenge is a reward between tasks - so scrub a tub = cut a file, clean a window = emboss something, sweep the floor = cut card base and print sentiment and so forth!  Do you ever make something you enjoy to do a “reward” for household chores or work? 

At any rate, I was able to complete a card - here goes!

Word Art Wednesday 44 - Double Prize week and using the FREE downloadable scripture 1 John 4:19



Printable word art - Word Art Wednesday


Crochet Yarn - pink

Pearl embellishment


.studio cut file - Silhouette Online Store (click photo to visit the store)

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Laquer (yes, nail polish!)

Method Notes:

I opened this beautiful flower frame in my Silhouette Design Edition Software and broke it into parts.  I duplicated the flower twice.  This is how I achieved the dual layer look for the flower.

At the end I needed that last little touch to my card, so I painted some Art Deco Nail polish in a sparkly red shade to the tips of the flowers. I often use nail polishes, especially these nail art type because they have such a fine brush.  Perfect for painting buttons and recoloring small elements - for only $1 at most dollar stores.

Won’t you come play along with Word Art Wednesday - you’ll not only make something nice to bless to someone but you will also have a chance at some wonderful prizes! 



And even though I mention I am so busy - I’m happy busy.  I am doing things I love to do and I don’t take one tiny moment for granted.  I have been posting on Pinterest - I”m Mrs Miles if you’d like to follow me!   I took forever to figure it out but now I’ve made my way around and I’m totally enamoured!  I’ve got so many fabulous boards going and not only this, it’s got me making my own ideas, unfortunately in the middle of the night and I need to turn my brain off for a bit.  I like all the DIY, Nummy foods and also all the quotes and sayings I find - (my board is called Words of Wisdom)  Some of these sayings have birthed great greeting cards for me. 

And so, I decided I’d like to make my own “Word of Wisdom” to share with you - it’s a Printable so all you have to do is to  PRINT it off (standard 8.5 x 11 inch letter paper) FRAME and HANG!


credit: KimB’s Watercolours2 CU overlay

(preview size suitable for blogs etc shown

for FULL size click on DOWNLOAD)



The sun be warm and kind to you,

The darkest night, some star shine through.

The dullest morn a radiance brew,

And when dusk comes - Gods hand TO YOU.

~ Eleanor Powers



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Until next time -


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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us at Word Art Wednesday, Barb. I thought the red flower was wax paper at first, so I had to read your post again to catch how you did this. Very cool!
    I appreciate your participation, and always look forward to visiting your lovely blog. Hope you're having a great week.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Barb, What a lovely card. The nail polish idea is brilliant! Thank you for stopping by my blog send leaving such a kind comment.

  3. I like your 3-D cards, especially the rotary phone design. They are very clever. Blessings!

  4. LOVE this!!! That large flower is just stunning and the sentiment in the middle is genius!!! I'd really love it if you could join me at Technique Tuesday--I'd love to see your creation! :)

  5. Oh I absolutely LOVE the way you used that flower frame --- putting the word art inside! So pretty!

  6. Barb, you have been busy! I love the sentiments and that lovely shape. Thank you for being you. Hugs, Debbie

  7. You are so crafty! The scripture being surrounded by sweet flower is very nice!

    Word Art Wednesday always has some great FREE word art but I did especially like this weeks.


  8. It's so cute. I love that lace on the back.

    Thanks so much for playing along with us on WAW.
    Have a blessed weekend.


  9. Wow, those words are SPOT ON, aren't they??? I love your focal point, Barb. Yes, I DO reward myself with crafting...esp. after tackling some Algebra 2 with my daughter!!!

  10. Good afternoon Barb!!
    Now I know where you have been.;) Pinterest!!LOL Christy browses it all the time and family and friends are posting things on FB all the time.I haven't signed up for it yet..but you are tempting me.:) My niece actually posted that she needed to stay off of Pinterest today so she can get caught up with her laundry.LOL
    I LOVE your card!! Great idea with the nail polish. Hadn't thought of that one.:)LOVE the scripture too! He LOVES us soo much.More than some realize.:)
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend! I will be back when time permits.:)


  11. Barbara, this card is stunning!!! Love how you used the lace for your background and framed the scripture with a flower. I never would have guessed that you used nail polish to accent the petals!! Looks great and so economical. Thanks for blessing us at Word Art Wednesday this week.

  12. Wow girl you have been busy all the cards you have made ...and some ladies are getting some great freebies are so awesome. Hope you have a great week....lots of hugs and more hugs your way. Maybe chat to you this week.



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