Monday, September 10, 2012

Terribly Cute Teddy - FREEBIE Download

You would think the Queen has arrived - with all the preparation I’ve happily gone through. 

My In-Laws have arrived for the fall edition of their twice yearly visit and I’m so excited.  I know that there are a lot of jokes aimed at Mother in Laws but I am so blessed that I married into the best of the BEST and I always look at our time together as precious memories just awaiting to unfold.  I consider it a privilege and joy to have my in-laws, they are amazing people.

So, I may only post once or twice this week as our days are filled spending quality family time together.  We will be taking daytrips out, preserving fruit, going for coffee at Tim’s to name a few things.  We have invites out and invited folks in as well.  All the hard work (and cracked rib I’ve been groaning with in as I totally overdid things beforehand) will now pay off - time to relax and enjoy our Clan’s treasured memories as they unfold before us.


Vacation at Home


You don’t have to go on a journey,

You really need not travel far,

You can have a delightful vacation

at home, or wherever you are.


Have you tried taking life a bit easy

Have you tried making everything fun,

Have you gone for a walk in the moonlight

Or rested a while in the sun?


Have you ever sought peace in the garden

Looking up to the blue arc in the sky

Watching the bright panorama

Of clouds drifting lazily by?


Have you taken the time out just to wander,

To go fishing perhaps, or just dream

Where the willows are trailing their branches

In a pool, or a gurgling stream?


No you don’t have to go on a journey,

You really need not travel far

There are all sorts of vacation treasures

Right at home or wherever you are.


~ Mrs. Roy L. Peifer




I am getting up before the early bird even thinks of going for the worm, before the pickers begin harvesting the crisp, vibrant apples from the trees to get this post ready. 

I wanted to share this oh-so-sweet cute FREEBIE with you before the days get away on me. 


Terribly Cute Teddy

digistamp and cutting file FREEBIE



personal use

I’m going to have to work quick here to post so here goes and hope I get it all. 

For this project - if you are using the .studio cutting files you will need:


Sharp scissors

tiny crochet hook or tatting shuttle (cheap cheap at Walmart)

crochet thread (or for the second file I created you could use wool, the holes are bigger)

reading glasses (haha, well I certainly do!)


I’m always blown away by my Silhouette SD in the incredibly fine work it can do cutting all these holes!  I have included all SORTS of files here - some with small holes, some with bigger ones, so you may adapt this file to whatever you wish.  I think it might be fun (with the bigger holed one, for little girls to “sew”)  The tiny holes DO take a lot of time, I’d say an hour if you are just going about it relaxedly. 

I’d love to see how YOU use this file, if you make a project, won’t you share with me so I can post here?  (hmmm, reminds me, I think I still have a share from Doodling Debbie’s past blog post of one of my projects…) 



I flnished my little bear up with a couple of sparkly gem eyes and brought it to life!



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  1. Oh wow - I love how you "dressed up" the teddy -- I never would have thought of doing that! So cute!

  2. Oh, Barb. He's awfully SWEET and ADORABLE. Thanks so much for sharing your creation with us.


  3. Aww...Barb..I am so sorry you cracked your rib.OWWW!:( Sure hope you get better soon and are able to enjoy your folks visit. I know you always have a WONDERFUL time with them.:) Sounds like you have your time together planned really well. Even getting up before the early worm.:)
    Thanks so much for sharing your CUTE teddy bear.I LOVE the way you looped the crochet thread to make it look like fur.:)
    We are home from our trip now.:)Will email and tell you about it soon.

    p.s. Please tell your folks and Miles "hey" for me.:)

  4. Good morning Barb!!:)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my DEAR FRIEND!!Hope you are having a WONDERFUL time with your family and that your greatest wish comes true when you blow out the candles on your cake.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love!

  5. I wasn't signed in before posting a comment to you I will do it again..just in case it didn't go through. :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my DEAR FRIEND!! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL time with your family.:) May your greatest wish come true when you blow out the candles on your cake.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love,


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