Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Canada Day & Some FREEBIES!


Happy Canada Day!

It always surprises me just HOW patriotic I actually am.  Yup, I get misty when I watch the parade in our little town.  I’m the one clapping my hands off till they are sore for each and every single float.  I’m snapping more photos of every angle than the paparazzi and though I don’t have a foot long lens on a super expensive and fancy camera I always enjoy capturing the special moments.  I’m the one who’s either laying on the ground or standing on a chair or taking pictures of the spokes on the wheel of a classic car.  And yes, I totally embarrass my husband even though he’s had years upon years to get used to it. 

Our parade is tomorrow and though I’d love to be in town today (and even though my Mr. said he would take me to garage sales this morning) I’ve chosen to stay home and catch up on all the housework and tend to some other work so I can take part in all  tomorrow’s festivities including an inter-church service, a parade and then later on the annual fireworks. Our fireworks in Osoyoos are legendary!   I’ll have lots to share next post! 

I’m so grateful to live in our beautiful country and have the freedoms we do. 


Thank you Lord, for this beautiful country we live in!

It’s also become tradition for me to host this video on my blog because I think it perfectly sums up how I feel. 

Another tradition for me is to offer a complete FREE (personal use) patriotic digital scrapbooking kit for you.  You can find it here:



This kit is still under my old designing name of Olivia Dorazio - ‘scuze that haha.  You can always find this kit along with many other downloads under the PAGES tab at the top of my blog.  Check out the TABS - there’s always a vault of FREE goodies for you to drop in for. 


I also cooked up a FREE .studio cut for you to celebrate the fact that summer is here!  Yay! 

I have been enjoying the fresh fruit here - so far we have cherries.  One can only eat so many cherries, though… erm, I’m sure you get it.  But I have a fruit salad every single day I am able and so I’ve been eating plenty of watermelon because they are reasonable at the grocery stores (and we can bring them across the USA border, we live close) and I also add ginger and apples (which I can get from our local packing house - they’re kept in cold storage almost all year long) 

So I decided to make a watermelon cut for YOU!  Here are the two cards I made using my cut:



Designer Paper: Delight by Nancy Rowe Janitz  - Fancy Pants Designs

Stamp: Summer - Studio G

Watermelon .studio Cut - Barbara Derksen


Emboss Powder - Stampendous

Emboss Ink - Versamark Watermark stamp pad

I thought I should make two different cards and it took me a while to figure out what to put as a backdrop for the watermelon to make the most impact and show up the juicy looking watermelon to its full advantage.  I chose this cork as a buffer between the bright and cheerful Designer Paper and the Watermelon element. 


Designer Paper: Recollections from Michaels

Stamp: Summer - Studio G

Watermelon .studio Cut - Barbara Derksen


Emboss Powder - Stampendous

Emboss Ink - Versamark Watermark stamp pad

I thought this smart blue and white check gingham paper would make one think “Picnic!” and I think it works nicely. 



I had such fun making this .studio cut file.  I’ve included photos of the finished project in with the .studio file so you can see what it’s supposed to look like all assembled.

I’m happy to share my file with you for your personal use.  Most of my files are personal use though you can contact me if you have a commercial project in mind.  I’m pretty good with granting permission if I know what you’re using it for - (eg: making and selling your FINISHED products on a small scale) for I remember how my very generous designing friends blessed me when I began designing and selling.

I made this file in three parts - the larger green “rind” then a black inner layer (seeds) and the top red part with seed shapes cut out.  After I embossed the fruit part and stuck the layers together I then rimmed the edge of the fruit with a white pencil crayon or watercolour pencil, can’t quite recall which. 

I would to see what you make using my files - why not leave me a comment to show me your project and I’ll publish you here?

PS - My friend KimB has some lovely products and a FREE commercial use product available on her blog (click her name, it’s linked)  This file would be perfect to “trace” and make into .studio files for scalloped frames!

PPS - Thanks for visiting and your comment love!


  1. Thank you Barb for your continued generous shares. The watermelon looks so Summer refreshing.I hope I get the chance to use it real soon. xxx-Debbie

  2. Barb, I love the watermelon file. I was looking for a file last week and really want to make a card. I tried to figure out how to with my Silhouette. Seemed like it would be easy. I have a habit of turning what I think is easy into hard. I sure wish a scrapbook store would offer Silhouette lessons. But seeing we only have one in town and they are into the Cricut they were not interested in the Silhouette.

    Thank you for the bottom of my heart for sharing this file.

  3. What a fabulous cards sis, it makes me want to run out and have a picnic.

  4. Barbara, I made my watermelon card using your silhouette file. I am so tickled with it and would love to show it to you.

  5. barbara, I just finished my watermelon card using your cutting file. I would love to show you my card.

  6. Good afternoon Barb.:)
    I LOVE your country's song. I actually posted it to FB so my friends and family can hear it. I pray it for our country too.I get blessed every time you post it,my friend. Thank you!!
    I LOVE your watermelon card..HOW CUTE! I also LOVE that you made a cutting file for it and also shared it with us.:) Thank you so much for being the SWEET,LOVING and GIVING person that you are!



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