Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beaded Flower Card - FREE .studio cutting file for YOU!

I can’t put my finger on just what twigged me at my sister Nina’s blog recently but some card she made caused me to write down an idea inspired and take action on it today.  Nina makes lovely cards, she’s got a true gift when she makes simple cards - something I forget to do. 


I created the flower embellishments on the following card:


And wonder of all wonders, I kept it pretty simple. 


Here’s the tutorial for my flower and I’ll include a link for the zipped folder containing the flower.  (The reason I put my files into a zipped folder is so that they are easy to find on your computer system, it contains my terms of use, sometimes includes a tutorial and bestest of all, you have a way to find my files via my email etc should you need to)






BUT before I finish up with a nice macro or two of my finished flowers I want to address something else you will notice about my .studio file  

I include a jpg PICTURE of the project right along with the files I give away … why?  It is because I get very frustrated when I purchase a file and have no way of “seeing” what it should look like while I’m working on it.  When you open this particular file it will look like this:

beaded flower demo1

And all YOU have to do is to move the jpg over, off of your cutting matt in your software. 


beaded flower demo2

This way you can see the project while cutting it.  Make certain you choose NO upon exit of your project.


Here is a close-up of these pretty flowers (I added a pearl accent into the center of one) and the download link.




I went for a walk with my husband yesterday along one of our local trails

I forgot my sunglasses on the bed of this truck which I set aside for the pose… can you please scoop them for me if you go by?


I enjoyed this poem and thought you might too:


THE cost of living’s pretty high -

there’s little free in life;

No end of things I can’t afford,

and neither can my wife.

HOW odd that things the most worthwhile

(and they are very many) -

Health, sunshine, love, song and friends -

just do not cost a penny.


  1. Thank you for sharing this file with us and for the tut for making the flowers! So very cute!! xoxo

  2. This is very clever; thanks for sharing.


    PS I too get very frustrated not being able to see the finished product. I also think it would be cool to add a note for each image to document papers, tips, sizes, etc.

  3. Thanks for showing how you did the flower...girl you are so talented.
    Thank you for sharing ...catch up to you soon.


  4. Stunning flowers sis, the tutorial is wonderful.

  5. This is a beautiful card! You're very smart to include a photo with the cutting file. I should probably do that, too. :) I love black and pink together!

  6. thank you for sharing this file! I used the flower in a little different way: I made a small, medium and large flower and put them as one flower. You can see the result on my blog:


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