Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Word Art Wednesday #17


Hi everyone and thanks for visiting me and for taking part in our Word Art Wednesday Scripture challenge.  My month as guest designer here has been absolutely amazing though I confess I’ve felt a bit “stretched” because I’m also going to school, fully involved with my church (http://osoyooschurch.ca) - helping host Sunday fellowship luncheons and hosting children’s church… honestly, sometimes at the very same time.  I look at that as kind of when Mom was cooking a meal but helping me with homework.  Sometimes us women have invisible extra sets of arms to go with those eyes in the backs of our heads right?  We do what needs to be done and somehow the Lord enables us.  I look back and go “HOW did I do that??? “  Well, the Lord is how! 

I also, to top it all off, am helping open a new store in our town.  It is called Indie Lulu Living and its going to be amaaaazing, thats all that I can say.  Here are some snippets you might see when you come on Saturday for our opening:







Ahhh - I’m going to leave the rest to tempt you.  You’ll just have to come see - or wait until I post more photos after our opening. 

So, onto this week’s card.  We were given Psalm 9:1-2 and it is such an encouraging Psalm because it causes me to know that EVERY good thing comes from the Lord. 

I will not be able to add much here as it’s late - I just returned from a birthday party and I still have the store opening  with many requests on my time.  Can you please pray for me and for my friend’s who have worked very hard to put this together?  Thanks so much, I am so grateful I can count on your prayers. 



Believe it or not, this “designer paper” is really a wallpaper sample.  I bought some sheets of it while shopping with my sister in law Judy when she came to visit.  I split it with her.  I think it makes a fabulous masculine looking card and its nicely textured.  The stamp in the corner of the word art is a Studio G.

Thank you to Word Art Wednesday for asking me to be Guest Designer for February, I really appreciated the time with you “behind the scenes”  You are all a talented and lovely bunch.


  1. Wow that card looks amazing with that paper and looks so rich like the verse printed on it. Love the little snippets of the store I bet you girls have been working hard in getting it together...say hi to them for me. You have a great week...love ya


  2. That's a beautiful card! And I love the scripture. Yes, I will tell of His wonderful deeds! And yes, I will pray for you. May God give you the strength to get everything accomplished this week and the grace to do it with patience. Blessings!

  3. Beautiful background paper. Best wishes for your upcoming store opening. It looks like a real nice place!

  4. Barb very cool card. I love the paper that you use
    The saying is great. The ribin lookes foremariler to me
    The hold card is wanderful
    Love it

  5. That shop looks AMAZING - take LOTS of photos at the opening please :)

    You still need to pick your Janmary Designs jewelry prize! I know you would love a green heart necklace, but what else? Let me know!

  6. Good evening Barb :)

    Sounds like you barely have time to breathe lately. :) Happy times though!

    I LOVE your card! Such pretty wallpaper too!

    Can't wait to see more from the store.:)


  7. Great card!

    And how great that you are helping with a new store. Those pictures look great.

  8. Very pretty card Barb, the background looks like it has fabulous texture and sparkle.


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