Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Word Art Wednesday #16


How are you this week?  I mean how ARE you?  Because I care.  Whenever I post do you know that I pray for YOU

I especially appreciate this week’s scripture challenge for Word Art Wednesday #16 because it is a reminder to me that God desires my complete one on one attention.  He desires time alone with ME - and He wants me to want to have time alone with Him! 

And often, I don’t get that. 

And it does not take much to get my mind be distracted by the most inane little things and things that really, in the BIG picture mean little or nothing.

And I allow my mind to be busied with other things, things that take me further away from Him.

I allow my eyes to be caught up with things that are bright or that move, or are colourful or have interesting textures or patterns.

My nose is attached to my stomach and causes me to be hungry - when my hunger should be for the word of the Lord.

And my ears are enticed by sounds and though mostly I find it a song unto Him I also get carried away on waves of other “catchy” but empty music too - and I’m not even really enjoying that either. 

And I do a whole lot of other “stuff” that makes me realize that on the whole I have a tremendously hard time just sitting still.  And yet…

He commands us to:


Because HE knows.  He knows all about me. He knew when He created me - that I would find it hard to sit still.  And He knows that I know that when I digest this command and try and try until I can sit still that it’s definitely something that shows my love for Him.  Because its so hard for me to do.  It shows how much I need Him, that I’ll work to get to this “alone” place with Him.

Because its only in this “alone” place that we can have an intimate and meaningful conversation.  Its the setting for the kind of conversation where you wind up thinking “wow - I know this person SO much more” Its the sort where you have full eye-contact and ear-contact and you’re reading each other and being “in sync” with each other. 

God knows we need Him but he gives us free will.  Question is - are you willing to work hard at pushing the world out of the way and having this conversation with Him?  Don’t you want to show Him that you care THIS MUCH?

Be still. 

(its so totally worth it)



Glittery Paper - ehhhhh… I kind of lost the name of this one too. 

Stamps - Lost and Found Two by My Mind’s Eye

I designed this cut using my Silhouette SD 


Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I hope you’ll enjoy all the lovely cards from our other team members and guest this week. 


  1. Both of your cards are absolutely beautiful Aunty Barb! What a great idea on the Mojo....i don't think it was cheating...it was creative :)
    SO glad you are having a good visit with Mom :)

    big hug!

  2. Oh wow, love this card. Love that cutout cross on it too. And the butterflies and the glitters.

    Thanks for being our guest designer for WAW.

    Have a great day!


  3. Good morning Barb. :)
    What a LOVELY card!!!:) I agree with you about spending time alone with the Lord.It builds your faith,confidence and strength in him.
    This verse can also mean..for your mind to be still.To KNOW he is God and that you have no worries.Things that come against us can cause us to have doubts and fears if we aren't in a place where we know HE is in control.Time with HIM..causes that calmness to come upon us.To be still..is to REST in HIM.:)


  4. Loved our time together your card was beautiful. You are so talented and blessed


  5. I love the simplicity of your card. Really makes the scripture the focus. Alas, I too seem to focus so much on what's going on around me-colors, designs in everyday life-I thought I was the only one! LOL -It must be the artistic side of us.
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Memorizing this scripture this week has definitely made me "be still" more!

  6. Very cool card, Barb. I love the stitching and the cut-out cross :)

  7. Lovely card, Barb, and a lovely post.


  8. Very pretty card sis, I love the little bit of sparkle.


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