Monday, February 06, 2012

COOL! (pun intended) as my Ice Photos are published on a way popular website!


I am tickled to say I’ve been “published” twice in one week.  First I am featured on the cover of Okanagan Sun  publication for this month and then I found out that some of my chillin’ ice photos (just check back a week or so or use the SEARCH box top left on this blog and enter the word ice and it should bring up all my posts with ice in it!)  are featured on Dark Roast Blend.  I am always amazed at what I find at DRB – I’m sure when you visit you will be amazed too.  Avi collects the most unique links, videos, pictures etc from all over the web and I feel quite incredulous to be included! (this is my second time!) 

This time it was the photos of ice with the “furry little feet” which got my photos featured.  I’ve been on the lake since then so stay tuned.  Same lake but the ice is new every morning! 

Ha – who could know? 

Stay tuned, some really pretty cards coming, a blog hop and perhaps even a photo of our anniversary!


  1. I'm glad you can see beauty and funny things in nature. Congratulations on being published. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from the

  2. wow twice girl you photos of ice your the best ever....still love the one of the bird...Congrats again...have a great week


  3. A huge congratulations. About to go through and look at your photos.

  4. Congratulations Barb, look at you going world famous.


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