Thursday, November 05, 2009

MORE Happy Birthdays!

MORE birthday wishes (November 6th) going out to.... (drumroll!)

Nina my sister and super duper card maker. Wishing you an amazing, special happy day. I hope you had a good sleep in & I love you more than words can say. You're catching up to me haha! Here you make cards for everyone else in the universe (see her cards and wish her a happy birthday on her blog HERE) - I hope you get them all poured back, Sis!

And to Candy - I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you're going to be pampered by your family. Can't wait to share via your Mom's (Judy) blog in the near future.

And now, a cute little birthday vid!


  1. Happy Birthday to NINA! If she´s anything like her sister,she´s special! :)

    Pop over to my blog, if you can, I´m having a giveaway and would love to include you in the draw!

  2. HAppy Birthday Nina the chipmunks Barb ...have great day


  3. Happy Birthday Nina! Hope it's a special one for you and your wish comes true!:) the chipmunks..hehe



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