Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Snow of 2009!

We had our first snow of the year, yesterday! It did not stick except on the tops of the hills and even lightly then.

Its a beautiful day today. I've pre-prepared (is that a real word?) a crock of french onion soup for tomorrow's luncheon at our church and also juiced fresh Pink Lady apples from the orchard. My hunny bunny is taking me for Dim Sum in a few moments. The little bakery downtown used to offer it EVERY day, then they took it away but have begun again - due to popular demand. Oh happy is me!

I'll share a random thought here. I make my husband blush all the time with the questions I ask people. The questions are out of my mouth before I think of them sometimes. For example, when I was at the dentist the week before last, I asked "Has the power ever gone out when you were working on a patient?" (Yes, but it did not create a problem) and when I overheard the assistant say she could not locate a certain tool and they seem to be getting lost I asked "Has anyone ever had light fingers and lifted equiptment or tools when you leave them alone in the room?" (No, not that they are aware of) Haha, will they be watching ME now?

Anyways, I LOVE to ask people questions. I have an unexhaustable curiousity and I'm very often rewarded when I ask. I DO have a line I draw when I query - I don't try to PRY. One blessing I've found is that some people LOVE to be asked.

How about YOU? Do you like to ask, or do you refrain?


  1. Oh, I remember the first comment I got from you. There were questions.... :) That´s what I like about you. You are genially interested in people.
    I like to ask questions as well, but usually it´s my daughters I ask, and too much!

  2. I am totally like that.. I love to ask questions.. I want to know things. lol

  3. Good evening Barb.:)
    Me...ask questions??? hehe.
    You just asked one of the questions I always wondered.How much stuff is taken while people are in the room waiting for the Doctor?LOL You are right..they just leave that stuff lay around..but I for one see no need for tongue depressors.:)My question at the Dentist would fast can you get me outta here?LOL The next question would much do I owe you..then the next question would be..can you help me up off of the floor.LOL

    Love and hugs,

  4. yes question ...they are fun...and you do hope the people you are asking realize they are only question and don't get mad ...some people love to share makes them feel important or part of ...first snow awesome. Bet the church loved the soup and dessert are always making special things for everybody ...
    Well girl hope to see you online and miss you lots


  5. Well Missy Muffet, I agree with you. How can one find out anything if they don't ask questions. I'm the question asker in this household. D relies on me when buying anything because I'm not afraid to ask ... even if I look dumb. We've found out LOTS of stuff that way.

    I try to be careful about prying though too ... though some question may sound prying-ish ... I don't been them to be so. I just wanna know for interest sake!

    Off to make some shampoo bars ... I'm down to our last.

  6. It is certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.


    I work in a Family Doctor's office, and we don't seem to have any stealing patients, but I can say that I used to work at a Walk-In Clinic.. and MAN OHH MAN..! The amount of little sneaks we came across!.. Everyday I'd see a note on someone's file 'DO NOT LEAVE PATIENT IN ROOM WITH DOOR CLOSED... RIFLES THROUGH CUPBOARDS'

    HAHA!.. That reminds me of the time I walked bya room and one of these little sneaks was going through one of the drawers WITH THE DOOR OPEN!.. The Dr made him empty his pockets... Was funny.

    - Barb's Dotter.. - Melanie

  8. Hey there! I have missed visiting with you. I hope you and Mr. Miles are doing ok. Take care my friend!

    Oh and I hope you enjoyed the snow for me ;) I'm not sure if we'll be getting any this year. Knowing Ga, probably not!


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