Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretty Pictures and My Brother's New Site

The Mr. and I decided to surprise my father-in-law by driving down to the coast and take him out for lunch to celebrate Father's Day. It was just a quick, one day trip and we really could not afford the time - but then again, we could not afford NOT too. It was worth the time and effort, for sure!

Dad recently had a second knee replacement surgery done and it was a great success. He can walk for a block now with no cane and no pain. Mom says its the first time in years he can do this. We are so grateful. At any rate, Mom and Dad usually come stay with us for a week before summer hits, but due to the surgery they were unable to. So it was GOOD to spend this one extra day with them.

On the way home we stopped in at the Rhododendrons on the highway home. It's a small area set aside by BC Parks system between Hope and Princeton. We've only caught them in bloom once or twice before, and even this time I think we caught the tail end.


Its just a small loop through the beautiful forest and undergrowth but a nice break from the long drive home. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.






And then there were these dramatic plants - I believe these are known as Indian Pipes?


I'm including this picture I took of Melodie, Sarah and Emilie who recently visited our church just because they are PRETTY and photogenic! They are one of the many fruit pickers coming from Quebec to our area. Every year we have almost another whole population come in to help with the harvest!

melodie sarah emilie sm (3)

And on the subject of photographs, my brother Bill just sent me an invitation to his own photo site he's started - his first ever. He has some wonderful photos he's taken at the coast and various places. Won't you take a moment to visit his site and welcome him by way of a comment or two on his wonderful photography? You can visit his site by clicking HERE.

I'm loving having family posting online, I already have my sister Nina who makes lovely (REAL) paper cards (click HERE) and my sister in law Judy who 'does digi' and hybrid cards and keeps us up to date on her side of the family. She's been going through a rough time with her mom being in hospital lately. You can read more or leave her some love by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow is graduation at my Mr.s school and my friend Penny is coming (YAYYYYY!) to visit and perform on Wednesday night and I am beyond excited about it all. I'm sorry but I won't have much time for blog hopping etc in the next few days - besides getting ready for vacation its all aswirl in my mind. So forgive me for being sporadic and thank you all who come visit me anyways. I love every comment and visit.


  1. Hiya Barbs!!!

    Just swinging by drooling over those gorgeous rhodos!!!! So pretty!!!

    Hope you're having a good week! :)

    Handds you a Timmie's smoothie supreme!!! :)


  2. What beautiful flowers!! I love the light and shadows in them.
    I agree, it was worth the stop.
    When we travel, my hubby is usually too much in a hurry to "get there" and almost never stops to "smell the roses"! :(
    Hope you have a super summer vacation!

  3. Beautiful pictures Barb!

    We are busy these days too, the cherries are on line we don't have an orchard but the six trees are ladened with fruit. So I have been pitting many cherries and wishing I had a pitting machine of sorts. My hands are purple and I hate to say this but sick of cherries..LOL... I have been looking for jam recipes and pie filing recipes and such for canning and freezing.

    Hope your in for good weather on your vacation, have fun and keep smilin'!

  4. i had a Rhododendren bush when i lived in Pennsylvania, they are absolutely LOVELY!! :)
    heading over to meet your bro' :)
    Have an AWESOME evening!

  5. The rhododendren park looks lovely, always worth taking lovely snaps!
    hugs to you xx

  6. Hey there my friend! What beautiful pics!

    We went to visit my dad for the weekend. Like you, we really didn't have the time. But he said it was the best Father's Day he had had in a long time. Made it worth the long drive.

    Take care! Hope your week is going well!

  7. Beautiful rhododendrons - I usually miss their spectacular display too either being too early or too late!

  8. Good Morning Barb:)
    How pretty! Love your pics of the flowers.I would say Rhododendren..but it's such a long word..I think I will just say flowers.snort!!:)You always take such great pics!!
    How exciting..tonight's the concert! I know you have been anxiously awaiting it.Can't wait to see your next post.:)
    Soo glad your FIL is doing so well with his knee surgery.My mom had one of her knees replaced and is sooo happy with it.:)
    I think we are taking our vacation sometime next month.Gonna see Jim's folks in Florida.How hot will that trip be??? I don't even wanna talk about it.LOL
    Gonna go see your brothers site as soon as I get done doing a fav for Jim.:)

    Love and hugs,

  9. awesome pics and Bill pics are beautiful . sure am missing you but know how busy you are ...hope we chat before you leave but if not have the greatest time love ya and can't wait for our visit ..till then

  10. Love your photos - and what a wonderful Father's Day gift for your FIL - I'm sure he was very happy to see you and your dear hubby! Stopped by your brother's blog and left him a note - his photos are awesome!


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