Friday, September 26, 2008

credits: Nikki McGilberry Color Challange Kit

Here's a snap of me peeking over the edge of my gift from my Sister In Law, Judy. It was like having a second birthday, as I did not open it until she came to visit which was a week after my 'official' birthday. It took me practically an hour to unwrap each item - one for each of my 50 years! It was filled with some very practical items, some decadent, some tasty and some pure fun. How thoughtful Judy. - the best present was having you here for a visit. Loads of love to you! Judy has more photos of our visit posted, just click HERE.

Happy Anniversary to our Nephew and Niece Shawn and Mindi today!

Here are some photos of my brother Dave and Sister In Law Neti, on a recent fishing trip. Now THESE are fish! I can't imagine Neti used to be a 'city girl' - guess you never dreamed you would be doing this? Ah well, you caught the BIG one when you got our Dave. {hugs to both of you}

These photos were taken at St. Mary's Reservoir, Alberta. Looks like a good place to visit! Thanks for sharing your photos Bro and SIL!

My SIL Judy has another slideshow of Dave and Neti's previous vacation {must see photos!} - you can find them HERE. {September 14th blog entry}


  1. What a neat idea ... a little gift for every year! What fun to open!!

  2. wow nice fish Neti...that 19 pound pike...thanks for sharing with us Barb ...and sis it was awesome to have the time with you and seeking out 50 little fun things for you ....and the homemade bread you sis to you really soon

  3. fun 50 pressies... looks like you have had a great b-day week. hope we can visit again soon

  4. Awwww Barbs, what a SWEETHEART Judy is FOR SURE!!! Looks like you were DEFINITELY "wrapped up" for a time opening them all!!!

    On my way to beddy-bye dear friend. Glad you are having such SPECIAL time with Mom and Dad - and those fish that Dave and Neti caught, OMGosh!!! I LOVE fish! Mmmmmmm ...

    It is ALWAYS so nice to see you SMILING face on my blog - thank you for stopping by!

    Have a GORGEOUS weekend!

    Linda :)

  5. Happy late birthday. Looks like you've been having fun! :)

  6. Happy belated to you! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip!!! I just love Canada and hope to visit this beautiful country some day.

    Your photo's took me there with you!

  7. Good Morning Barb:)
    What a wonderful gift from Judy.How fun!!LOL Bet you can't wait til your next Bday.hehe
    Happy Belated Anniversary to your Nephew and Niece and Mindi.:) THAT is what I call fishing!!:) Bet they had a blast!Hmm..wonder if that is how they got that many??LORL
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend and will have a wonderful day!
    Gonna scoot to Judy's to see more pics.:)


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