Monday, September 29, 2008

YAY! It's Kim's 19th wedding anniversary {September 30th} Gracious, that's truly inspirational. I can understand why though when I consider that the very same qualities which make a 'solid' marriage are the very same ones of which friendships are made of. First of all, your spouse should be your very best friend. Then the list begins with the qualities which you and the Mr. should have in common. Kindness, Faithfulness, Trust, Generosity and it goes on.

Some folks think that marriage is a 50/50 deal, but its not, really. It should be 100/100. Its not so much about meeting your spouse 1/2 way, its about giving 100% no matter what you get in return {unless its an unhealthy situation} Its all about giving before worrying about what you're not getting.

I hope you're snugged up someplace away from it all, Kim with your sweetie and don't get to read this till sometime in the future. I believe Kim got whisked away to a romantic surprise location by her man - but g'wan and leave her some good wishes at her blog to come home to! Just click HERE.

Kim, I had the durndest time finding a photo of you and your husband, so I had to mash two different photos of you together, then work some magic... just in case you wonder where in heavens I came up with this one.

Now HERE'S a happy couple we all know!

You may notice the new BLINKIE on my blog today, its thanks to my dear friend Shirley. This is the second one she's made for me, and I'm simply tickled PINK! Thank you, Shirley, I'll have to go back and find my Olivia one when I get organized. {hugs}

To celebrate Kim's anniversary, I've created this high-quality image for you. The bride and groom on their own stand about 6 inches high, so the ones with hearts are bigger, obviously. These will be great to 'punch out' using your favorite paper.

Olivia Dorazio's I PROMISE element set
fine for personal, commercial and sfh



  1. Oh my GOLLY GOSH my dearest dearest friend! I am sitting here with tears and with laughter all at the same time. I think I am going to be having *Happy Anniversary* by the Flintstones rolling around in my head all day too- ROTF!
    I don't know what to say and am a little lost for words, and the first thing I thought of was- where the hell did you find that photo- LOL
    Barb, thank you so much for making my morning such a special one.
    Besides a little *invite* that came through the mail this morning from my Hubby ( yup the man is going SOFT I tell you)- this has really really made today a special one and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Love you lots
    mwahs and hugs that at the moment just feel so little!
    Bless you Barb!

  2. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

  3. Love the pretty couple! Thank you for sharing it with us all, AND making it CU!

  4. Morning Barb!!!!!!
    I'll be heading to Kims in a little bit!!!! LOL
    TY so very much for this MARVELOUS WA frames!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i absolutley LOVE your designs!! and thank you so much for sharing AND for the blog mention! have a GREAT day! oh and thank you, too, for the AWESOME message left for me on me blog!!! HUGS!!!

  6. Mornin' Mrs. Miles!!! I just happened to stop off over at Kim's first thing this morning and WOW!!! What a SWEET surprise for the LOVELY Ms. Kim and her WONDERFUL DH!!! You are such a DOLL!

    Having been a LONG-TIME Flinstone's fan in my younger years, this was QUITE a treat to watch and brought back some YABBA DABBA DO GOOD TIMES!!!

    AWESOME line art my friend and I thank YOU so VERY kindly for sharing with ALL of us!!!

    LOVE the new blinkie Ms. Shirley made for you - I keep trying to remind myself that I simply need to get some new ones made! LOL!

    Have a FANTABULOUS day and I TOTALLY agree with the giving 100%!!! We should ALWAYS strive to give the best that we are able and not focus on what may or may not come back OR to attempt to "keep score"! Being BEST FRIENDS with your mate is, IMHO, a MOST important ingredient for maintaining a HEALTHY relationship. Having been on both sides of this fence, I am EVER so thankful to be BEST FRIENDS with Robert! ALL things for a purpose!

    Leaving you some LOVE girlfriend and may your day be as SWEET as YOU!

    Love and Huggins',
    Linda :)

  7. thanks, i have been looking for wedding stuff. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Way to go Barb ...another awesome job ...and Kim knows how much you love her and appreciate her ...way to go SIL


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