Friday, September 19, 2008

If you have not been over to KimB's blog yet, you better.
She's got Grab Bag madness,
probably something to do with her 19th wedding anniversary coming.

She's practically GIVING it all away.
Well, there IS a giveaway, but the rest comes close.

(paper shredded everywhere here)
You are a silly nilly if you don't grab her bags!

Just click HERE.


  1. Hope you had a GREAT bday!! as i saw in youw slide you had a fantastic day!! sorry for the delay of this bday post but from an italian town all my best wishes!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Barb!

    Thank you for stopping by to see if I was doing okay - YAY, I made it!!!

    There has been LOTS going on here in my neck of the woods and me mother's heart has been working overtime!

    I am going to TOOT about Ms. Kim's SUPER anniversary special as well and you bet your SWEET bippy I bought it ALL!!! He, he ... I was working on my blog post last night when I saw the e-mail come through and being one who NEVER misses out on a Kim B GB, you just KNOW I was there to check it out immediately!

    Mmmmmmm ... thank you again for sharing your DELICIOUS homemade sandwich with me! Now that it is just Robert and I (well, almost!), we are already planning on a fall and winter of homemade soups, stews and other goodies! Robert LOVES to barbecue and has already decided that he shall continue on through the winter months!!! LOL - we shall see how much of the COLD he can really brave!!! He does make a TO LIVE FOR chili that even "I" am able to eat!

    Hope you had a MOST enjoyable time with your company and I shall see you soon my friend!


    Linda :)

  3. Hope you had a fun day with Judy and that you didn't spend TOO, too much on yard sale goodies ... that you still have SOME room left in your house!!! LOL


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