Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's post will be short and sweet as I'm enjoying a visit with my Mother and Father in Law and I intend to fully enjoy just hanging out with them! I'm still trying to digest my heart-warming visit with my Sister In Law Judy. We fit so much into a two day visit that my head is still spinning. From yard saling {yes, we bought far too much LOL!} to baking bread to digital designing. I sure enjoyed our time together Judy! Love you and hope you made it home safe and sound.

Just a reminder that today is the launch of my new kit - Fall Frolic, named by my friend Gina. By the way, you will want to be checking out Gina's blog to see the DARLING hand crafted items she's been making. Can you say CHIC? She's got the designers eye and has begun creating some very cool items. She's going to be launching at Etsy any day now and I know there will be a queue at her store door! To visit Gina, just click HERE.

And another Toot goes for my friend KimB for her AMAZING Grab Bag deal {photo previous post} If you don't have it, you need it. Simple as that. I have used some of Kim's fabulous CU items in this kit {from some of her earlier CU items} and I'll be the first to attest to the ease of use and super high quality. Her items make designing a snap. Just click HERE.

Just click HERE to visit the Sophia Sarducci Shop to purchase my Fall Frolic Kit -
today's the BEST day as its Monday Madness, so you'll save 20%!

And heres a special little something for you for visiting today! I've left lots of 'white space' for you to fill with your journaling etc. I'd love your feedback to find out what makes a GOOD quick page?

Olivia Dorazio's Fall Frolic Quick Page No. 2



  1. How WONDERFUL to have such QUALITY time with such SPECIAL visitors my SWEET friend!

    Barb, I SO love your ECLECTIC and AWE-INSPIRING designs. You are DEFINITELY a unique designer and I TRULY admire your CREATIVITY and FLAIR for art!!!

    Stay SWEET and I shall catch up with you soon as I am hoping to keep my focus this week while tending to some "deadlines"!!! LOL!

    HAPPY MONDAY and may your week ahead be UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL and full of FALL FROLICKING!!!

    Linda :)

  2. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Hope you are enjoying your time with family today.:)
    I LOVE your new kit.How cool!:)The QP's are wonderful!You know I love QP's ....right?LOL
    Thrift storing?? What wonderful bargains did you find??? I am anxious to know !! :) You can never have enough stuff.LOL

    Have a wonderful week!!

    Did I smell fresh baked bread when I popped in here?mmmm.:)


  3. Morning Barb!!!!!!!
    TY so very much for both MARVELOUS QPs!!!!!!!

  4. hi sis ..sure mising you ...sure had a great time ...give Moma and dad a big hug from us to your real so ...hugs to all


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