Sunday, February 17, 2008

layout by blog reader KATE
Stitching by Natali (recolored)
Moon and Stars by ME

I love this pretty layout by you, Kate. I like white space in my layouts too. I mentioned to you I think your photo is a perfect candidate to actually cut and put her (how adorable its YOU) perched on my moon... how bout I RAK you and do that for you. I will leave you a PM at DST and we can connect on that. Thanks for sharing with us!

layout by RACHEL
Silver Alpha by Flergs
Moon and Stars by ME

Rachel, I could not agree more, the alpha goes PERFECT with the moon and stars... I thank you for showing me the moons and stars are perfect for sleep-time layouts. Thanks for sharing.

layout by ROSA
Kit - Old roses by Rosa
Cupid by ME

Rosa has the old roses kit available for download for free at her blog site HERE. I like your bold colors Rosa. VERY Valentine-y! Thank you for sharing too!

Please send me a link to your layouts using my elements, I love to feature you on my blog! (and to see how you use my elements, of course!)


  1. wow beautiful layouts ...some very talented people ...and sis they used your elements so beautiful...

    thanks so much for sharing what was in the drawer!! lol i LOVE the layouts, your gift to Miles, EVERYTHING you share!! and what an absolutely WONDERFUL thing to do with sharing time with the widows you know!! HUGS to you, my friend, i am truly Blessed just knowing you!! Thanks for the smiles you give me!!!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day:D

  3. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I was soo pleased to see you had stopped by again...and I thank you for your suggestion.I tend to make things too precise.LOL Funny..but I really like the frames all catiwonkers.(probably mispelled.)hehe I plan to do one for tomorrow with the frames at different angles.I hate to stop at three too...I am too funny.Jim will move stuff in the house ..just to see how long it takes me to put it right back.LOL I'm not a clean freak by any means...but I always like things to stay where I put them.hehe I'm not as bad as my Mom though.She will pick stuff up and straighten things in the stores.Takes us forever to go shopping.LOL
    I love all the wonderful layouts! How cool to see your designs being used.
    Please thank Olivia for me for the gorgeous frame.:)We won a trip to Hawaii years and years ago and I have some pics that would go great in it.:)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!



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