Thursday, January 10, 2008


sequins - kb party on sampler
paper: kb colorchallenge addon
(ya, both items created by Kim again!)

i KNEW i had something to do today...

check my TO DO list


Nephew Zach's birthday - upload card before the card has to be remade into a belated card. Happy Birthday Kiddo - hope you had a good time and got real spoiled. All our best wishes to you!


  1. Good Evening Barb:)
    I finally made it here again.LOL
    HAPPY BIRTDAY ZACH! Hope it was a fantastic one!
    Well..we got one bday down this month and two more to go.DD's and mine.:) Jim's was yesterday and I made him some of his favorite dishes.:) Poor guy has gone and caught a cold.He has fever too.:( Bummers.
    Just wanted to stop back in and say Hi..and see if you were still around the blogs.hehe Is it just me or is it getting more and more difficult to do that?:)
    I got my closet cleaned out the rest of the way today and it feels good to have things organized again.:)
    My DIL just called and said they may be over in a while..we have tornado watches out for our area.Guess I had better go now.:)


  2. GREAT card!! HAPPY Birthday Zach! :D Have a WONDERFUL day!!

  3. Hey Mrs. Miles,

    I passed on an award to you. It won't worry me if you don't take it up. I'm not too sure about these awards!!! It's the first time I've done it ... one time for everything ... well maybe not EVERYthing!

    Hope you and Miles are having yourself a FINE day.

    TTFN ... Cis

  4. Me again.:)
    Just a quick hello and hope all is well.:)


  5. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY wishes Zach...hope it was the time of your life ..all our love the Forsyth Family from the fifth wheel

  6. Evening Barbs, WOW- that card is AWESOME!!- He has got the most amazing smile! Thanks a ton for sharing it! Loved your post - I still cringe at the word submit- LOL, I use compromise- hahahaha, sounds so much more softer on the tongue- but that's why I LOVE reading your posts- they are soo soo thought provoking!
    Sending you tons of hugs and lovies from a raining cool SA today-


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