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It feels so odd – today is the first day my husband is back at school, after being home for several weeks. I'm missing him already! I know it sounds strange, but he IS my best friend and I never tire of his company. What is wrong with this marriage? LOL! Come on now, I know some of you are thinking this is entirely too wierd. This just happens in books and movies... but truly, I would spend every moment with him and enjoy it. I DO love having 'girl time' with friends and I DO love meeting people, but my husband is the one I always run to to share my day, share my thoughts, share my heart.

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Having a good marriage gives me a heart for those who are not there just yet. Don't EVER give up hope, there is ALWAYS a way. I'm going to be praying for your marriages this week. I will lift your relationships up and I'm going to seek helpful resources for you. After all, the idea isn't to wait until Valentines Day and then suddenly spring out for chocolate/candy/flowers/pampering... these type of lavishments should be random, spontaneous – because real life does not follow a Calendar. Society sets aside special holidays to celebrate ideas, but really the ideas should be celebrated all year long!


Well, it sounds like many of you, like me, have been launched into an early ‘spring cleaning’ whilst in the throes of packing Christmas away! Is it just me or does it seem like there are far more ornaments and knick knacks going back into the boxes than originally came out? Either this or someone hid some of my boxes on me... Our tree remains up but may get taken apart tomorrow, if I am feeling inspired.


Boy the weather is menopaus-ish... going from cold to hotflushy (almost tropical feeling) to expecting cold again starting tomorrow. Well at least its not boring. The past few days have been so busy that I’ve not gotten actually out in the outside, merely observed from the comfort indoors. I need to get out! I was on a real baking spree the other day, whipping up a turkey, chili, cookies and a whole bunch of wonderful dishes which will give me some time off from the stove all this week.

I have an email I recieved from my friend Alicia which I’m sharing with you because I didn’t know this information. I had no idea there was a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to forward emails. I only know that I’m careful, meaning some emails did not get read if I did not trust them. Thanks for sharing this Alicia – I always love good advice!


A friend who is a computer expert received the following directly from a system administrator for a corporate system. It is an excellent message that ABSOLUTELY applies to ALL of us who send e-mail. Please read the short letter below, even if you’re sure you already follow proper procedures.

Do you really know how to forward e-mails? 50% of us do; 50% DO NOT.

Do you wonder why you get viruses or junk mail? Do you hate it?

Every time you forward an e-mail there is information left over from the people who got the message before you, namely their e-mail addresses & names. As the messages get forwarded along, the list of addresses builds, and builds, and builds, and all it takes is for some poor sap to get a virus, and his or her computer can send that virus to every e-mail address that has come across his computer. Or, someone can take all of those addresses and sell them or send junk mail to them in the hopes that you will go to the site and he will make five cents for each hit. That’s right, all of that inconvenience over a nickel!

How do you stop it? Well, there are several easy steps:

  • When you forward an e-mail, DELETE all of the other addresses that appear in the body of the message (at the top). That’s right, DELETE them. Highlight them and delete them, backspace them, cut them, whatever it is you know how to do. It only takes a second. You MUST click the “Forward” button first and then you will have full editing capabilities against the body and headers of the message. If you don’t click on “Forward” first , you won’t be able to edit the message at all.

  • Whenever you send an e-mail to more than one person, do NOT use the To: or Cc: fields for adding e-mail addresses. Always use the BCC : (blind carbon copy) field for listing the e-mail addresses. This is the way the people you send to will only see their own e-mail address. If you don't see your BCC option click on where it says To: and your address list will appear. Highlight the address and choose BCC and that's it, it's that easy. When you send to BCC your message will automatically say "Undisclosed Recipients" in the "TO:" field of the people who receive it.

  • Remove any "FW" in the Subject line. You can re-name the subject if you wish or even fix spelling.

  • ALWAYS hit your Forward button from the actual e-mail you are reading. Ever get e-mail that you have to open 10 pages to read the one page with the information on it? By Forwarding from the actual page you wish someone to view, you stop them from having to open many e-mails just to see what you sent.

  • Have you ever gotten an email that is a petition? It states a position and asks you to add your name and address and to forward it to 10 or 15 people or your entire address book. The email can be forwarded on and on and can collect thousands of names and email addresses. A FACT: The completed petition is actually worth a couple of bucks to a professional spammer because of the wealth of valid names and e-mail addresses contained therein. If you want to support the petition, send it as your own personal letter to the intended recipient. Your position may carry more weight as a personal letter than a laundry list of names and email address on a petition. (Actually, if you think about it, who's supposed to send the petition in to whatever cause it supports? And don't believe the ones that say that the e-mail is being traced, it just aint so!)

  • One of the main ones I hate are the ones that say that something like, "Send this e-mail to 10 people and you'll see something great run across your screen." Or, sometimes they'll just tease you by saying something really cute will happen ... IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! (Trust me, I'm still seeing some of the same ones that I waited on 10 years ago!) I don't let the bad luck ones scare me either, they get trashed. (Could be why I haven't won the lottery??)

  • Before you forward an Amber Alert, or a Virus Alert, or some of the other ones floating around nowadays, check them out before you forward them. Most of them are junk mail that's been circling the net for YEARS! Just about everything you receive in an e-mail that is in question can be checked out at Snopes. Just go to

Its really easy to find out if it's real or not. If it's not, please don't pass it on.

So please, in the future, let's stop the junk mail and the viruses.

Finally, here's an idea!!! Let's send this to everyone we know (but strip my address off first, please). This is something that SHOULD be forwarded.

I hope you found this useful! It was an eye-opener to me. I'm going to leave you with a few funny marriage type humour videos to brighten up your day! (YOU HAVE TO TURN YOUR VOLUME UP TO MAX FOR THE SECOND ONE!! its very quiet, but worth it!)


  1. Thank you very much for the cute heart & charms, they will be great for Valentines Day! The videos were really funny!

  2. Hi Mrs. Miles!

    I'm so glad that things are finely returning to normal! No more parties for a good while. I'm off the hook for tonight ... everyone was too tired. Yea, yea, yea!

    D and I do spend all of our time together! My friend thinks we are attached at the hip! We don't even get ornery with each other.

    Those videos were funny.

    I've seen the forwarding procedure before ... but I was doing it anyways.

    The sun is shining here today so we need to get out for a little walk. D is really under the weather. I so hope I can avoid catching this cold!!

    I must write Mom and tootle it up to the post office so I'll say ta ta for now!

  3. Been a while since I stopped by. Really like the new (okay new to me) look. Feels so happy. I'm with you on running to Pan with all the day to day stuff and sharing our little secrets amongst ourself. He truly is my best friend and I had to choose just one, he would be it. So you aren't weird, just very fortunate to be married to someone who you can really relate to.

    Love your little charms too. Very cute and have a multitude of uses. Thank you.

  4. GREAT to see you back and thank you for the OH SO CUTE charms!! LOVE the videos too!! Happy New Year! :D

  5. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    I did some of that early Spring cleaning yesterday too.It felt good!:)
    I LOVE your alpha and charms.!Thank you so much for sharing it with us.:)
    You already know that Jim is my best friend..we do everything together.:)Soo nice to be married to your best friend:)
    I LOVE those videos.Jim and I got a big kick out of them.:)Thanks for sharing!!
    Your baking sounds soo good.I bet the house smelled wonderful!:)
    Speaking of food..gotta go get something for tummy is growling.LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. TY so very much Barb for this AWESOME Love charm!!!!!!!!!

  8. another awesome message and sorry I thought I had already left a message...I love the charms and the clips are funny ....

  9. The videos were a hoot! I needed that!!!!

    Thanks so much for the lovely beaded wire heart!

    have a great day!

  10. Thanks for the cutie freebie and for passing on the email info. There are a lot of people who don't know those things. My cousins were emailing me and sent my email address in a huge list and all of a sudden I am getting lame forwards from all of their friends!

  11. Sorry about missing Miles, but I hope you enjoy the time with him to the full and had a great time celebrating Christmas and the New Year. :)

    The list about the emails and the tips is very interesting. I also hate the ones that supposedly bring you bad luck, I never send them to anyone I believe they are of very bad taste. And the thing about how they collect emails is also very interesting. I should translate this and send it to some friends as they are always sending me emails. :)

    Thanks so much for everything and I hope you had a great beginning of the year. :)

    Best wishes. :O)


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