Wednesday, January 16, 2008


(exhumed from last year's virtual goodie vault!)

It was big. Real big.

We've had it for a while, and every so often I would come across it and think to myself “We should really use this.”

But I'd never dealt with one before. So I procrastinated.

I was afraid.

Then, last week an opportunity presented itself and I thought, “Hey, why not give it a go?”

I'm talking Prime Rib.

We bought a side of beef a while ago, and in among the assortment of the usual cuts was this BIG prime rib roast. The thing had to weigh 7lbs or better. Even with salmon colored freezer wrap on I imagined dinosaur bones beneath.

Growing up in a family of eight kids the only prime rib I ever saw was in glossy magazines or on tv or in movies in fine restaurants or movies about the British Royalty. No, when I was a kid the further removed from any type of meat that was minced, the rarer the sighting. Even these days, the cost would be prohibitive!

So, seeing this monstrosity in my own freezer kind of niggled in the back of my mind every time I went in there. I knew I couldn't cook it any old day, cuz it would be far too much for just me and my hunny. Then we were having company. It was very brave/stupid for me to attempt it for guests – either the meal was going to turn out to be a huge success or a failure, but even at that I knew it had to be memorable.

So I took the plunge.

I love finding recipes on the internet, mostly because I like to not only read the actual recipes, but I find the reviews of them give me a good indicator of the success rate. I mean its one thing to take a recipe from my trusty old Betty Crocker or Joy Of Cooking books, but I never really know if what I wind up with is correct or not.

So, a'hunting I did go.

There were all the usual recipes where you fuss and finick over the thing and stand over the stove and look at it and baste it and test it etc... but I'm a 'no fuss' type of girl and I like a recipe thats easy and different. I found just such a recipe. It goes like this:

Fully defrost roast.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Put roast in pan, fat side up.


Poke a meat thermometer in it.

Put in preheated oven.

Bake 60 minutes.

Shut oven off. DO NOT open door.

Leave, door shut, for 2 – 4 hours.

Turn oven on to 375 degrees F. Roast for additional 60 mins.

Check thermometer for doneness ( I left mine in an extra 20 mins for medium)

Take out of oven. Cover with foil. Let rest for 20 min.


Sigh with relief. Beam with pride.

I deemed the meal a success because the mom popped her head back in the house on the way out and said “My little one gave the biggest compliment – she said Mummy, that supper was nummy!” We all know that kids 'tell it like it is'

It WAS good. I want to cook another one already. I'm glad it was a big roast, for originally we had anticipated 2 guests. Then we added two. Then, three more. And I found out in a big hurry that our dining table stretttttttttttttttttttches. It gets big enough to fit 10 if we had wanted. Two guests were little people though so we smooshed them together with a big looker-after person to chase all their droppings. Another thing – we are like '2 People' company kinda people. Having more than two is an instance proportionate to finding a immense dino roast in the freezer...

Its amazing how far you can expand a meal when you're pressed. I'd made fresh bread the day before, thinking there would be some for all week's breakfastes and lunches – but it never made it past the company. Well, except for the ball of dough I sent home with a friend. I don't think, by the expression on her face, that anyone had ever presented her a ball of dough as a visting gift before. Imagine. Have YOU ever been given a ball of dough, uncooked? Its kind of a dough ministry for me. Go forth and bake.

Talking about food, I have a new favorite eat. These would be the mini honey mandarins. They come in a small box, a minature replica of the Chinese Mandarins you can buy at Christmas. They are soooo cute. Each one is the size of a walnut. The peels come off the same. They smell the same. And you can take each little one apart into teeny-weeny segments. Whats different is the taste. They are far more sweet and succulent. Worth every moment of peeling pleasure! And at $2.50 a box, they are as affordable as a coffee out – and far healthier!

Here's something else sweet – sweet if you live in Canada, that is... its Cadbury's Sweet Getaway Contest. Go enter, then I can blog about you winning, ok? To put your name in, just click HERE.

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Be sure to slip over to Shirley's to download her sweet freebie balloons!


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I want to thank you all for your warm response on my last journalling on marriage. It is heartwarming to see you women stepping up to the plate to be good stewards of your relationships. For sure, it will be what you put into it. Although some marriages are genuinely unhealthy or one-sided, I believe a determined and gentle woman can revive and kindle the flames of love in your husbands. Thanks for your thoughts!

My husband and I were given a wonderful book which explores marriage and faith and... sex. This, coming from a young, newlywed couple yet! Kinda racey you might be thinking – but actually this was a deep, thought provoking, beautiful book which I'd highly recommend anyone read! I had to make myself read it sloooowly or I would have had it done in one night! It's so good that I've been asked to read it, one chapter a time, over the phone to someone in my life. How cool is THAT? The book is called SEXGOD and its written by Rob Bell. Go get! You can find more info, or order by clicking HERE. I'd love to know what you think of it. And... this would make a TERRIFIC Valentines gift to your love! (read it aloud, together!)

My SIL Judy sent me the following sentiments on housecleaning (shades of what I've been hearing you all muttering about on your various blogs, tee hee! 'Peshully you Kimb!) I'm sure you'll appreciate these:


I don't do windows because... I love birds and don't want one to run into a clean window and get hurt.

I don't wax floors because... I am terrified a guest will slip and get hurt then I'll feel terrible ( plus they may sue me.)

I don't mind the dust bunnies because... They are very good company, I have named most of them, and they agree with everything I say.

I don't disturb cobwebs because ... I want every creature to have a home of their own. I don't Spring Clean because. I love all the seasons and don't want the others to get jealous.

I don't pull weeds in the garden because... I don't want to get in God's way, HE is an excellent designer!

I don't put things away because... My husband will never be able to find them again.

I don't do gourmet meals when I entertain because... I don't want my guests to stress out over what to make when they invite me over for dinner.

I don't iron because... I choose to believe them when they say "Permanent Press".

I don't stress much on anything because... "A Type" personalities die young and I want to stick around and become a wrinkled up crusty ol' woman!!!!

Remember: A clean house is a sign of a broken computer!

Ok and for another good laugh, you just have to this site and click on the horses. Way talented they are! Just CLICK here to visit the farmyard!

I have a ton more great sites to share with you over the next little while. I wasn't feelinga bit sad and not too blog-happy for the past while, but I thing having a whip-creamy beverage and visit with my friend Becky has inspired me again. My fren' Becks is havin' a baby!!! I hope you get 'spired too, on your blog Becks. (once the poor girl gets past feeling sick all the time...)

Friendship is a precious gift,

that cannot be bought or sold.

but it's value is far greater,

than a mountain made of gold.

For gold is cold and lifeless,

It can neither see nor hear,

and in the time of trouble,

it is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen,

no heart to understand.

It cannot bring you comfort,

or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift,

be thankful if he sends,

Not diamonds, pearls or riches

But the love of real true Friends.....

~ Author Unknown


  1. Hi Barbs.

    Love Rob Bell's Nooma dvds and heard him speak in Belfast last year. Have heard of the book, but not read it yet.

  2. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

  3. Hi Barb ((hugs)) Nick said Hi!! Wow you tackled Prime Rib!! I am so impressed...I am too scared to touch those beef dishes 1. beause you need to feed a big group to try it and 2. I never try a recipe for a big group first in case it fails. Maybe I just need to let go and try something new. Life is to short! :-) Things here are good! Will talk to you soon! MIss you!

  4. sounds like the prime rib was awesome ....Barb you are an awesome cook ...and I can see you giving dough has a gift share all that the Lord has blessed you with ....yes I liked that about the housework ..heheh

  5. Hey this receipe sounds Great!!! Going to give it a try, thank you.

  6. Did you make the yorkshire pudding to go with the beef???- LOL. Sorry it's what my dad would have asked FIRST off-LOL. But he would have it with Lamb too if he could- hahaha.
    And oh yeah- thanks for that list- I need to print it so I can keep the excuses handy- WAHAHAHAHA.
    Had a good giggle! Oh and Um Beth doesn't have a link, she doesn't have a blog- but I usually just bold and highlight the Ct's names when I'm doing my post- cause they are important peeps to me- LOL.
    Well it's time to drag my tired *buns* off to bed now- nearly midnight and my brain is a little fried- hahahaha
    Sending hugs

  7. Good morning Barb:)
    I got up early this morning cause my ears are itching and my throat hurts... sinus's draining etc..and DH is snoring.LOL
    I have been meaning to stop back by to see what you have been up to.I can't make myself stay on the puter for long cause I feel rough.Glad you can't spread colds on here.LOL
    Your prime rib sounds wonderful and I would have loved to have a lump of your unbaked bread.:)It sounds yummy.:)Wonder how well it would hold up in the mail?LOL
    I Love those horses..I have seen them before but was fun to click on them again.:)
    I am gonna print out the house work list too and put it on my fridge.LOL
    I love the poem about friendship too.Thanks for sharing it with me.:)
    Sooo glad to see you had stopped by again.I LOVE your visits! The recipe for the stuffed porkchops is easy too...
    You can get thick cut pork chops and make a sideways slice(for a pocket) in them.Stuff the pocket with your favorite Italian sausage...then according to how much Cajun seasoning you can either roll them in the seasoning or dust them with it.Bake at 350 degrees..covered..for a little over an hour.I usually check them after an hour and see if they are done. The ones on my blog were the real thin porkchops and I just rolled them up around the sausage ..sprinkled the seasoning on them.. stuck toothpicks in them to hold the shape and baked them the same way.The rice pilaf..was from a said you like "easy".LORL

    Have a wonderful day..we are suppose to get snow this afternoon...if the weather does what they think it will.:)I'll let you know.:)

    Guess I had better leave room for more comments.LOL


  8. my dear barb! wow, you took on a prime rib all by yourself! I knew you could do it, even before I finished reading the blog. You are hilarious, you and your dough ministry . . . Somehow I don't think I would ever be too surprised if you handed me a ball of dough and said "go forth and bake"! I guess maybe I know you pretty well by now ;o) Speaking of baking, my kids have been after me to use some of the blueberries in my freezer to make blueberry muffins . . . why don't you come over and have some with us?

  9. Congratulations on the success of your dinner!!! :) It was great that you not only try to cook something new but it also come out so good by what you say. :) I never heard of anyone giving a dough as a visiting present, but I think that considering how difficult is to make bread and being something handmade, it's a nice present. :)
    The list is terrific I'm going to copy and save it somewhere and do something with it, LOL And the horses are very funny. Thanks for the link. ;)
    Thanks so much for everything and sorry for not being around of the late. :)

    Best wishes. :O)

  10. The mini honey mandarin caught my attention first :p It's the first time I saw it outside Asian country. Glad that you like it. It's Chinese New Year soon and Kuala Lumpur is flooded with all sorts of mandarin orrange ranging from the Lo Kan (big) to a smaller type of mandarin orange (4cm diameter) that we call 'kat'. I prefer the 'kat' coz it's sweet & vy good to the body ;)


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