Sunday, August 13, 2006


Don't panic! I'm only moving to a new blogsite. I was experiencing problems with my blogger - could be just the template... though I was sure it was due to using Qumana again. I'm on VACATION so thats why I've been out of touch... lol... we are now back in BC, returning early. We are back in Abbotsford for a bit and will be for a week or so. I've had an accident prone summer - we are both healthy and happy. I'm rambling now... so I will just 'get on with it'. As my friend Gina said upon my asking her if she noticed I'm accident prone: Says She " What? You drop your camera down a cliff; you smash your bikes and doing that cause Miles to land in the ditch and you kill your computer... I think I see a pattern here..."

You all rest assured we are OK and all is well...but I want to organize my thoughts and pictures before I post on my new blog. Love and God Bless. Barb


  1. Love the light house pic.

  2. A new blog? What? you didn't say WHERE?

    I hope you are having a great time w/your MIL and FIL!~G

  3. can't wait to see you guys and miss you ....see you soon...

  4. Where is your new blog going to be? Let me know! :)


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