Saturday, August 26, 2006


I've been fighting. Fighting with Wordpress, fighting with Blogger. I've written the post over at least five times and failed each time. I'm learning a big lesson in patience and determination and I refuse to let it best me!

Purple Gem Element

Thanks for your patience as well, while I get settled in. I plan to STAY here at Blogger and hopefully I can tame it along the way. As a welcome back gift, I've created an element for you. Unfortunately each time I tried to post the link at yousendit the link they gave me conflicts with Blogger, so please just email me at and put Purple Gem Element in the subject line and I will email it straight to you. Also, someone recently asked me for the sheep and I will get that out to you soon as well... If I don't, please remind me?

Our van - packed for the trip home!

I am settling in. Yesterday was devoted to unpacking all our goodies. Besides all the essentials we took with us for vacation there were many treasures I picked up at yard sales and our Mom sent us home with a bundle too. I have not unpacked our clothing yet - I want to make sure some of that makes its way to our local thrift. I was getting pretty tired of wearing the same clothes for two months!

I also did a clean sweep of our patio and little garden space. I have created a little romantic space for us to pass away the evenings. I decorated with some candle holders that our sister Michelle gave us.

Pretty candle holders from Michelle - thanks Sis!

I look forward to posting and sharing with y'all over the coming months. Missed You!

Barb's Handy Tip# 62
spice it up!
I love experimenting with new flavors and here's a great opportunity to do just that, for free. I found the website address in The Vancouver Province newspaper. This company makes Oriental Seasonings and they are giving away a package to each household, US and Canada.


  1. Soooooo good to have you home! But I have to say, that having you at MY HOME was so fun too! *Hugs*~G


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