Monday, January 16, 2006


Bet this title gets your attention!

Actually, I am talking about scrapping as in scrapbooking - with family. I am so proud of both my sister-in-law Judy and my sister Nina for both taking up the digital challenge of scrapbooking. I can't think of much more fun (other than time with Miles, of course) than spending time online 'scrapping with my sisters. I just love to see what creations they make and to watch them grow as they learn the power of Photoshop. Its wonderful to have hobbies to share. The first page you see above, is our sweet niece Rachel.

We awoke to snow this morning. Nothing unusual about that other than we have been experiencing rain for several weeks. We just may have a winter after all. Unfortunately, as I was just out to the mailbox, the snow is just barely better than frozen rain, and I think it will detiorate into it before the day is through.

We had a lovely dinner out at friends last night and even learned a new card game. Anyone heard of sequence, by chance?

You all have a wonderful week, I will keep posting my newest layouts or LO's as they call them in scrapland.

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