Thursday, January 05, 2006


Meet Barry, our brother.

Barry is, first of all, OLDER than us. Ha ha! Therefore Barry has great wisdom. He's fun - always quick with a joke and a smile. He's talented, an avid fisherman who has lured in more than his share (though always within the legal limit, that we know about anyways) of all kinds of fish, including bass from our local lake.

He loves to build with wood - he has a shop he disappears into often and exits with beautiful creations of hope-chests, cupboards and even kaleidoscopes! He's a self taught mechanic and spends time fixing not only his own vehicles, but with his generous heart, often is found working on other peoples auto problems.

Barry is learning to work with video at this time as well. What can't this man do?

We are proud to call Barry our brother! Since I obviously have not forgotten how to draw, with all the busy-ness of the past hectic months, I have created this pencil sketch to honour you Barry!

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